spahing spoon on lion's butt
This is our spanking spoon. It’s made from very dense Chechen wood. This is the meanest paddle we own.
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It’s Sunday afternoon. More snow is expected tonight. It looks like we will be hunkered down in our den into next week. Mrs. Lion gave me my punishment spanking early Sunday afternoon. I think this is the first time she’s punished me during the day. I got about 150 swats, the last group hard and fast. It’s a little painful sitting here at my desk. I deserved it. I managed to spill gravy on my shirt two nights in a row. I also forgot to remind her it was punishment day last Monday.

Mrs. Lion seems to prefer the spanking spoon for punishments. At least, she brought it out every time since we’ve gotten it. It’s a particularly nasty paddle. It combines a long handle and a small, spoon-shaped striking surface. Since she likes to stand over me while I lie on the bed face down, the long handle not only provides her extra leverage, but also makes my butt a much easier reach for her. Each swat stings like hell. Yes, I know that’s the whole idea.

It’s been a while since I’ve been punished. A lot of stuff has gotten in the way. In a way I’m glad. Gives me a chance to observe differences in the way we relate when FLRD is in force and when it isn’t. There really is a difference that I detect when we aren’t actively practicing FLRD. During those times, our communication seems to be more about things. We talk about our work, funny things we find on the net, and typical household topics.

When FLRD is in force, Mrs. Lion is much more likely to bring up my behavior. That doesn’t mean each mention is followed by a spanking. It’s just that we talk more about her feelings and reactions to me. I think she also enjoys catching me breaking some of my rules. She always has a twinkle in her I when I get something on my shirt.

Mrs. Lion is an introvert. The demands of being my disciplining wife require her to be more interactive. I really love that. Even if it means I end up with a sore bottom and serving time on the punishment stool, it’s really worth it.

Apparently we both need this. Our reasons for needing it are very different. I’m not sure how often this kind of synergy happens. I’m not even sure Mrs. Lion is consciously aware of this effect. It’s easy to see the positive value a red bottom has for me. My sex drive immediately increases almost in direct proportion to how badly my buns burn. While it’s true I hate a spanking while it’s being administered, it’s beneficial value is easy to see later between my legs.

I’m not sure anyone but me sees how Mrs. Lion changes. What I can say is that the more observant she is of my offenses, the more outgoing and affectionate she becomes. I don’t think this is very hard to understand. Her role gives her a framework for communication. I think that some of the time she worries that she will be interrupting or bothering me. When she is in lioness 3.0 mode, she doesn’t care. I much prefer that.

I also love it when she is strict with me. I find it exciting when she calls me out for interrupting her or acting in a way that annoys her. Those times I feel that I’m being trained to help encourage her to openly communicate with me, not to mention the fact that I get more spanking.

Don’t get me wrong, punishments are no fun for me. I really hate those disciplinary spankings. But, I love the aftereffects on both of us. It seems odd that something that can get me hard can also be so actively hated. As I read somewhere along time ago, it’s this conflicting set of feelings that brings me facedown on the bed ready to accept something I hate. Unlike a child, I don’t go there out of fear, I go because the idea turns me on and I know that later it helps keep me horny.

What if none of those things were true? What if I didn’t get turned on after being spanked and anticipating one just made me unhappy? Would I still meekly present my bottom for beating? I think so. My feelings notwithstanding, I respect Mrs. Lion’s authority and I take our agreement seriously.

The indisputable fact is that strict punishment does change my behavior. Mrs. Lion can teach an old lion new tricks. Neither of us imagined that I could help spilling food on my shirt frequently. Now, it’s an extremely rare occurrence. I’ve actually been trained to eat neatly. I’ve also learned to always wait for Mrs. Lion to begin eating before I do. It isn’t that I fear the punishment. Repeated spankings have subconsciously conditioned me. This FLRD stuff really works!


  1. Can you repost the link to the vendor who makes the spanking spoon? The link in the picture doesn’t go anywhere. Thanks

  2. We don’t really have a discipline relationship although I suggested a few weeks ago that it might be beneficial to schedule a regular (weekly?) session of “discipline” just to give us a moment to connect and remind of the roles we (I) are trying to implement.
    Has not happened yet although I left the wet wipes container open the other day, one of the few offenses that I get punished for. Upon discovery, I bent over the foot of the bed. She took a belt off the hook and whipped my ass.
    As I knelt before her and thanked her for training me I had the thought that I can’t imagine anyone that we know could conceive of the husband bent over and belt whipped by the wife. In fact, just a few years ago I would never have thought it to be something we would be doing.
    But then, I bet nobody who knows us could ever imagine that we are up to something like this!

    1. Author

      Yet here we are with sore buns.

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