Living with Lion

Lion doesn’t like when I refer to him as a toddler or a child. However, there are times when he acts like one. And I am certainly not the only woman to refer to her significant other as a toddler or child, in or out of a female led relationship. Sex is most definitely a time when he does it. He wants what he wants when he wants it. Last night was no exception.

First, let me say that I had my own meltdown the other day. I tend to do it on the way to or from work, by myself, in my mind. Between the power being out, my being the one responsible for most of the heavy lifting because of Lion’s recent health issues, missing work because of the power outage and Lion’s recent doctor visits, as well as his making me late for work because I had to mail a package for him, I was ready for a “me” day. Lion doesn’t understand “me” days. He wants us to be together all the time. Of course, he has plenty of “me” time since he works from home so much and can vegetate more often than I can. I don’t have any plans on my “me” days. I’d just like to be able to do what I want to do when I want to do it without influence from outside forces. A spa day without the spa, if you will. And this has nothing to do with not loving Lion any more or loving him less. Sometimes people just need alone time to regroup.

With all the heavy lifting and running around, I’ve been achy lately. Yesterday my back hurt. Nothing major. Muscle soreness, etc. I work half days on Fridays and I like to vegetate for part of the day. But the dog had a bath appointment, so no rest for me. I dropped her off because Lion was snoozing. I messed around on the computer for a little while before we had to pick her up. When we got home it was time for dinner so I started getting it ready and Lion took over. I wanted to sit down for a while but I didn’t feel comfortable leaving Lion to cook since his knee randomly gives out. When it came time to clean up, I did it because I don’t want Lion falling.

Once I get comfortable, I’d like to stay that way. When Lion asked if we could snuggle, I managed to move over to him. After a little while he wondered if I was going to make him hard. He’d mentioned earlier that he was horny. I decided if I was going to make him hard, I was not going to edge him. I keep telling him that’s one of my goals. I want to get him excited, without getting him to the edge, and just leave him hanging. To me, it’s far different from edging him. If I edge him, he thinks he’s going to come. If I just tease him, he never even gets the “satisfaction” of thinking he’s going to come. Since my back hurt, I didn’t want to have to sit up to edge him. I just got him very hard and stopped. He was not amused. Too bad.

Now this is after I read his post for this morning about his not even being allowed to say he’s horny. He thinks he should say he wants to ejaculate and leave it up to me whether or not I make it happen. (Silly me. I thought it was up to me whether or not I make it happen.) I said I didn’t think I liked that idea. He told me to think about it. That’s Lion code for: you’ll see, we’ll do it my way. Except, I like when he tells me he’s horny. I don’t really want to reduce it to clinical terms. That seems very impersonal. He might as well have a spanking machine, a sex doll and something to masturbate him.

I can deal with Toddler Lion, but sometimes he’s not going to get what he wants when he wants it. He can be horny. He can want orgasms. I’m not a machine and we’re not going to be clinical. I’m putting my paw down.

[Lion — I don’t remember saying I was horny. I did say I wanted to get hard. In terms of the ideas I expressed earlier, I accept that Mrs. Lion doesn’t want to go that way. I’m more than fine with that. In fact, my post tomorrow is on that very subject.]