Lion’s butt was even more bruised after last night’s spanking. I was trying to avoid a spot he said was sore and I wound up bruising him toward the bottom of his cheek, onto his upper thigh. I wasn’t sure it would be visible in the picture I took but it was. I think it’s the right call to do the swats every other day rather than the suggested every day. Lion needs a little time to recover. Although, when I started spanking him Friday night, he still had the remnants of a bruise. It was yellowish so I knew it was almost gone. I’ll check him again for bruises before I swat him tomorrow. I don’t want to add bruises on top of bruises. That’s not safe. I could do damage if I don’t allow the area to recuperate.

Earlier in the day, Lion said he was horny. After a good beating he still was. I promise I set off to edge him. The plan was to edge him multiple times and then lock him up again. Unfortunately, I went too far. He had another ruined orgasm and he wasn’t able to have multiple ruined orgasms again. I’m starting to think it’s not possible. I don’t know if Lion just doesn’t work that way or if age is a factor. I suppose it could also have something to do with lack of play other than spanking, which isn’t really play. Perhaps I’d need to get Lion very horny in order for it to work. I just don’t know.

The other day I said the goal is to get Lion to take 300 swats with no break. I don’t think that’s realistic. Not only for him, but for me either. I think the reason this experiment is working so well is that I get the same breaks Lion gets. It’s true, I’m not trying to compose myself after receiving hard swats, but I am not in shape. I can’t deliver very many swats at a time. We’re both working our way up to 300 swats. Actually, I think Lion can probably take 100-150 swats non-stop. Eventually. The trick is going to be whether or not I can deliver them. I’m sure it will take us a long time to get to that point anyway. We may decide to scrap the experiment before we get there. We might find something else that sounds better. We’re always amending things. It’s what we do.