A different lion’s butt.

My rear end has been dominating our posts lately. I imagine you are pretty tired of reading about it. I think our experiment may be doing more than monopolizing our posts. It’s also keeping my ass perpetually marked.

That in itself isn’t so terrible. I’m not so sure it’s good for me either. I’m not suggesting we stop our disciplinary experiment entirely. I think it may need adjusting. For one thing, every other day may be a little more frequent than we need. Maybe, once a week makes more sense.

This will give me a chance to heal and allow Mrs. Lion to use spanking for its intended purpose: discipline. As it stands now, her experiment precludes any other impact activity. It also occupies more of our attention than I think it deserves. 300 swats may also be little harsher than we originally thought. I’m willing to concede that my perspective may be distorted when it comes to how many times I get swatted. Mrs. Lion will have to decide.

In the interest of science, I ordered another paddle identical to the one Mrs. Lion has been using for her experiments with one important difference: there are no holes in the new one. The one she is using now has quarter-inch holes covering the business end of the paddle. It’s my contention that some of the red, raised areas spankings are developing on my butt come from the holes. If when Mrs. Lion uses the paddle without holes those spots no longer appear, we’ll understand that they are responsible for these mysterious red dots. It’s also possible, that they are the cause of the slight bleeding she has noticed.

My last two ejaculations were via ruined orgasms. According to Mrs. Lion, neither were intended. I’m okay with ruined orgasms. They do feel good. They don’t (hint, hint) feel as good as full ones. But, alas, beggars can’t be choosers.

I think if we take the spanking experiment off the front burner, Mrs. Lion will have more opportunities to think of other ways we can have sexy fun. I’m hoping that she will include herself in the sexy activities. However, I don’t think she should feel any pressure to do that. The only reason I bring it up is that she mentioned it in an earlier post. I’m fine if she wishes to preserve the status quo.

I can’t help but think that more people have seen my hindquarters than I ever imagined. Maybe some folks think is my new avatar. Oh that’s Lion, see the cracked moon? I haven’t bothered to calculate it, but over the last several weeks I’m sure you seen my ass almost as frequently as Mrs. Lion. I hope you like it.

Well, today is Sunday. I’m hoping that we can have some fun that doesn’t include 300 swats. Of course, the NFL playoffs are in progress, so at least 300 swats may be in my immediate future.


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