Our relative silence is due to our joint cold. I’ve been sleeping sixteen hours a day. Today is a bit better. I’m writing this post on my iPad in bed. Did you know that Costco cold pills have a sweet, sugar coating? They do! Don’t you feel better reading that?

A lot of people seem to think that enforced male chastity changes everything. I suppose in the beginning it felt like my world was rocked. It was impossible to ignore the weight and pinches from my chastity device. I loved it! I was living the fantasy.

After a while, the novelty wore off. At that point, I thought about what comes next. From my reading, I learned that a lot of guys ask their key holders to extend their waits. Some work their way up to a year or more between orgasms. That doesn’t feel right for me.

I get it. One way to feel submissive is being forced to sacrifice pleasure for one’s top. Long waits between ejaculations is pretty much the definition of male sexual submission. Believe it or not, even that can grow old.

If novelty is important, sooner or later you’ll give up. Escalation can’t go on forever. One thing I’ve done is to try different devices. I like finding and trying new ways to cage my penis. Mrs. Lion doesn’t care. If she wants me locked up, all she cares about is that I can’t get hard or get off without her permission.

In fact, she doesn’t care if I’m locked or not so long as I don’t engage in any do-it-yourself orgasms. She absolutely cares about my chastity. If she has any doubts about my ability to keep my paws off my penis, she will become a huge fan of locking me up.

I think the the reason we are successful with enforced male chastity is that we both clearly understand our power exchange. Whether I wait one day or twenty, or am locked in a Jail Bird or free range, the rules are the same.

We’ve learned that the key is consistency. Absolute consistency. Want to feel sexually controlled? That’s the only way to do it. Enforced male chastity is about total loss of sexual control. Once we figured that out, we discovered that enforced male chastity is a lifetime state for me.

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  1. After a year and a half of being caged 24/7 except to shower or if tbere is a reason. Chafing or injury that would prohibit as example…. We have no plans of changing our minds…. Sha absolutely loves being in control of me and my sexual pleasures… Waits are unpredictable, punishments are no joke either. She has come in to her own as my keyholder and the stromg woman of a FLR marriage. We are both very happy at this moment .

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