No Black Friday for Us

I’m almost willing to admit that I have a cold. It just doesn’t seem as bad as the colds I’ve had recently. They have been knocking me on my butt so the only option I have is to stay in bed. This one allows me to get up for a while before it rips my legs out from under me again. Lion and I have been snoozing a lot. We did manage to make a pretty good Thanksgiving dinner.

We’ve been watching college football recently. Last year I told Lion that you can see future NFL players by watching them play in college. He agreed. We generally watch whoever happens to be playing but we might watch Washington vs Washington State and maybe Michigan vs Ohio State. We both like Washington and I like Michigan. However, there’s only so much football Lion can stand.

I’ve been on the lookout for more games to play. Obviously I could come up with a college football game, but then what happens when football season is over? We don’t really watch any other sports. We do watch a lot of cop show reruns. Maybe I can come up with a similarity between them and give Lion swats when it happens. Maybe ten swats when someone punches someone. Who knows? It’s just a thought at this point.

Neither Lion nor I brave the crowds on Black Friday. There’s nothing I want badly enough. When I worked in retail I didn’t want to go. Luckily I was always scheduled later in the morning after most of the craziness was over. And I never had to work on Thanksgiving day. I probably would have quit if they hadn’t fired me first.

So Lion and I are hunkered down in the house awaiting an Amazon Fresh order of a ton of soup and anything we needed just so we didn’t have to go near a store after Monday. I can’t imagine how horrible traffic is even around the grocery stores that aren’t near other stores. Besides, I don’t think we could have managed an excursion in the rain the way we both feel.

I was supposed to wax Lion this weekend. I had it all planned out. I exchanged not leaving the house for a fully waxed Lion. I know he doesn’t want to leave the house, but I’m not sure either of us is up for waxing.