The Fun Begins

It starts like this: the velcro fastened tightly around my soft penis. Then, as I get harder the pressure builds.
(Click image to see the changes)

We’re working to return excitement to our BDSM play. Mrs. Lion has brought back our Box O’Fun. On Thursday night I drew “Velcro”. Mrs. Lion puts Velcro strips around my penis before it gets  hard. The strips “choke” my penis painfully. Before she could apply them, I fell asleep for one of my after-dinner naps. It was just as well. I wanted to suggest that she wait a day after I pick a card to do the activity.  That would give me a full 24 hours to fret over my fate.

My thought is that the next night I would pick a new card. Again, Mrs. Lion would wait till the next day. She agreed to this process. Lest you think otherwise, this is a particularly painful form of CBT. That red strip in the photo really hurts when I get hard. Click the image to see what happens when I get erect. It’s humiliating that despite the pain, I get and remain erect.

Mrs. Lion likes CBT. She’s shown a preference for it from the beginning. In addition to the Velcro, she has menthol rubs, clothespins, and rope to add variety to my torture.

In fact, CBT was her first step after spanking. In a lot of ways it makes sense for a baby top to begin with the genitals. Impact play — floggers, whips, and paddles — require training and practice to use effectively. On the other hand, applying clothespins on the balls is easy. The same is true of massaging Icy Hot or Ben Gay into the balls.

These simple activities are guaranteed to get and maintain his attention.  A little bondage, like tying his hands above his head, assures that he will remain in a position to appreciate these efforts. I can’t fault Mrs. Lion for her preference in “activities” to share with me.

The Box O’Fun provides suspense for both of us. I have no idea what is in it. Sure, I know the stuff Mrs. Lion has done in the past, but I don’t know what she has chosen to put in the box. She has no idea what card I will pick, so each time we use the box, we are both surprised. There’s no question that a large percentage of the cards have activities listed that I don’t enjoy. That doesn’t mean I won’t appreciate experiencing them. I will.

The challenge we face is finding the energy to play and then for Mrs. Lion to administer the experiences with the full force of Lioness 2.0. No one is asking me to enjoy them. My job is to be a good boy and take what I get.