Nap Time

velcro strips on bed
These are the Velcro strips I left on the bed last night. Lion knows what comes next.

Last night I brought out the Box O’Fun. Lion picked a card. Actually he picked two cards but I took the one I could see and returned the other one. The card proudly announced “Velcro” as the selection. He wasn’t happy with that. He doesn’t like the tiny teeth biting into my weenie.

When I put the Box O’Fun back I took out the Velcro and left it on the bed between us. It was mocking Lion while we watched some TV. Eventually I moved over to snuggle with him. As I was playing with my weenie, I heard Lion snoring softly. So much for our excitement. He was asleep for maybe 15-20 minutes but the mood was gone.

After we gave the dog her ice cream Lion said he had an idea about the Box O’Fun. Uh oh. He suggested I have him choose the night before for the next day’s activity. That way we can both anticipate what’s to come. What luck! He’d already chosen Velcro for today’s fun since he’d slept through last night’s attempt. He said he didn’t realize he’d fallen asleep earlier. We both need to figure this sleep issue out.

Tonight I’ll make sure he stays awake for play time. He says I should have used the Velcro on him to wake him up. Nope. That’s not the way it works. He needs to be awake to enjoy the torture. I like to watch his face. That’s one reason I don’t really like the blindfold. He can’t see what’s coming and I can’t watch his reactions to things.

I suppose a purist would say I should have punished Lion for falling asleep while I was trying to arouse him. Since I’ve been having trouble sleeping myself, I know how annoying it is to be so tired you just can’t keep your eyes open. I’ve been trying to fight the urge to nap. Lion has too. Sometimes you just can’t fight it. It wouldn’t be fair to punish him for losing that battle.