Yesterday, in her post, Mrs. Lion wondered what changes I would have to make in order to be Lion v2.0. I’ve never considered that I would ever have a version number. Mrs. Lion has established milestones in her evolution as my disciplining wife. These milestones relate to consistency of enforcement, severity of punishment, and strict management of me.

We knew when 2.0 arrived. She punished me each and every time I broke a rule. She made my punishments serious and painful enough to inspire me to work very hard not to displease her. When she played, 2.0 looks for the maximum effect she can have on me. For example, if she applies clothespins to my balls, she finds the spots she knows will hurt me the most. If she is using Icy Hot on my balls, she puts it on extra thick and then keeps massaging it in as the effect wears off. She has also been known to add a second coat when the first loses it’s burn. That’s 2.0. It’s very easy to spot her.

Lioness 3.0 isn’t just more of the same. Her punishments are longer and much more painful. But that’s not the big change. Lioness 3.0 punishes me when I’ve offended her in any way. If I interrupt or act like a know-it-all, the paddle comes out. She makes sure that the consequences of any infraction are severe enough to provide me with a significant deterrent. Even maintenance spankings are to be feared.

Each new Lioness version raises the stakes on straying from the straight and narrow. In my mind, when 3.0 is here, we have a true disciplinary marriage. We’re done practicing. Mrs. Lion is in complete charge and requires me to behave exactly as she wants; or else. That doesn’t mean she can’t show some mercy. Allowing me a pass for not reminding her of punishment day on Labor Day is a merciful dispensation. Punishing me full force for forgetting on Thursday is 3.0’s way of assuring I don’t get sloppy.

3.0 subscribes to the “broken windows” policy of discipline. If she treats even minor infractions seriously, chances are good I will never commit a major one. After all, forgetting to remind her of punishment day is a very small matter; I wasn’t due any punishment anyway. But under the broken windows policy, missing that reminder is an infraction that must be treated seriously. Little slips turn into larger rule breaking if not nipped in the bud. 3.0 doesn’t cut me any slack at all. There is no room for disobedience no matter how trivial.

As Mrs. Lion evolves in her role of disciplining wife, it’s pretty easy to track each stage of her development. My behavioral improvements are really not of my doing; at least not directly. They are the result of Mrs. Lion successfully conditioning me by using liberal applications of her paddles. Am I Lion 2.0 when I have been conditioned to some measurable point? Could be, but who defines what that point might be?

For the time being there is just Lion 1.0. I’m the product of Mrs. Lion’s evolution. She defines my level of submission by establishing what happens to me when I don’t meet her expectations. I am a product of my lioness’ motivation to make me the lion she wants me to be.

When we started all this, I wondered if I would become sad and frustrated living under the strict control of Mrs. Lion. I was concerned that I would lose my creativity and initiative; I would become a classic male submissive. In case you wondered, I haven’t. I am as willful as ever. I’m less stubborn and much more inclined to obey whatever Mrs. Lion tells me to do. Of course, I know what happens when I displease her.

As my leash shortens, I go through a period of making “mistakes”. Nowadays, they are punished so severely, I decide that I really don’t want t repeat that error. I still have free will. But if my free will isn’t what Mrs. Lion wants, I will also have a sore bottom. There is a price for freedom. More interestingly, I think, over time I really want to do what she has told me. I’m slowly being trained. I don’t mind that a bit. Her ules become my second nature.

Am I evolving? Or, am I being trained? If I am evolving, then finding criteria for Lion 2.0 makes sense. On the other hand, if I am becoming better trained, then my changes go 100 percent to Mrs. Lion’s evolution, not to me. I didn’t do anything new or better. I was just conditioned to better serve my lioness.


  1. I’m just getting used to Lioness 2.0 and now you’re upping the ante?? I’ll just have to adjust. (Thinking for Lion).

    1. Author

      I’m still adjusting to 2.0. The thing about all this is that I’m not required to adjust. 3.0 marches in whether or not I’m ready for her.

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