Hairless in Seattle

Waxed body
Lion after his last waxing. By Monday, he’ll be just as hairless. Click image to view larger.

Lion suggested going to a casino last night. We used to go a lot. I don’t mind going but I’m usually ready to go home long before Lion is. I don’t mind losing, as long as I lose somewhat slowly. Sometimes $20 can last hours. That was not the case for me last night. I was done about an hour after we started. Lion was losing but then hit a hot streak. He wound up covering both our losses and then some.

We got home late after the casino. I was pretty tired. I didn’t want to give Lion his punishment. I figured it could wait another day. Actually I teased Lion about going to the casino as a way to delay his punishment. He said it didn’t have to delay it. I just wanted to relax when we got home. Tonight is another night.

For the better part of a week, Lion has been telling me he’s getting furry again. My legs. My balls, My chest. I get it. We were away. Nowhere near the wax. Today is really the first chance I’ve had. We slept really late, went to Costco and he asked again about waxing. So while I’m writing this, the wax is warming up. I don’t know where I’ll start or how much I’ll get done, but I’m sure I’ll miss something anyway. That’s what tomorrow is for. I can finish where I left off or take care of missed spots. Or both. I still haven’t decided if I want him to be hairless everywhere or not. My guess, since it doesn’t matter to me if he’s hairless or not in general, is that I’ll wax him everywhere he wants to be hairless.

It’s ironic that he doesn’t want to have hair anywhere but doesn’t care if I do. As a matter of fact, he wants me to have pubic hair. Beyond that, he doesn’t care. Just one more way we’re weird, I guess.


  1. I on the other hand would love my Queen to be hairless. It’s always been a kink of mine.

    1. Welllllll, I prefer a shaved pussy too. It makes no sense for Mrs. Lion to go to the trouble if she isn’t really interested in sex for herself. She works hard enough keeping me hairless.

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