This morning, just before I left for work, Lion said he did a stupid thing. He forgot to remind me that yesterday was punishment day. Uh oh. Poor Lion butt. I guess I know what I’ll be doing later. Fire up the paddle!

As you can see, I don’t remember punishment day myself. This week was a short one for us, not only because of the holiday, but also because we took an extra day off to avoid the holiday traffic. Yesterday didn’t seem like Thursday. It didn’t seem like any particular day. Not that I usually know what day it is anyway.

Lion forgot to remind me on Monday too. I let that go because it was a holiday. Sadly, yesterday was not a holiday. Lion’s buns will be red tonight. And it’s probably about time, too. I think he gets complacent when he hasn’t been whomped in a while. He did get a play spanking on Wednesday but that’s nothing like a punishment spanking. Without any maintenance spankings, I think it’s easy for Lion to forget what it feels like. He gets used to following the rules. He takes it for granted. And then…WHAM! It all comes crashing down.

In his defense, he was dealing with an eye condition. He had a doctor’s appointment and medicine was prescribed. It wasn’t a normal day for him. And blah, blah, blah, excuses. 2.0 doesn’t want to hear about any eye problems. 3.0 certainly wouldn’t give a darn. And when does Lion 2.0 emerge? Or has he?

I suppose one could argue that Lion 2.0 showed up once he was no longer interested in masturbation. Well, I may give him 1.5. Maybe 1.8 since he follows most rules most of the time. What’s the next criteria for making it to 2.0? I hadn’t thought about it till just now. We’ve paid so much attention to Lioness 2.0, it seems only fair that there be a Lion 2.0. At the very least, Lion should be striving for it.

What do you think?