I brought out the Magic Wand last night. I didn’t really want to do anything painful. Actually I didn’t really feel like doing much of anything. We had a big dinner and, for a while, even snuggling seemed impossible.

Lion loves the Magic Wand. He’s never reacted to vibrators in the past, but this one pushes all the right buttons. Maybe it’s the shape. Maybe it’s the operator. I don’t know. It really gets him excited even when nothing else seems to work.

When I had him drooling to come last night, I stopped. He was a horny mess. So frustrated. And I told him he was very hard. It was one of his more beautiful hard-ons. I wondered why he gets so hard at times and just “regular” hard at others. I don’t think it necessarily corresponds with his horniness level. There are times he wants to hump my hand and he’s not super hard. And other times that he’s not very horny but he’s super hard. We decided there may not be a reason for it. Just as we can’t find a reason he would produce more semen at any particular time. All I know is that I love that super hard weenie.

Today we’re going to try waxing again. Well, I’m going to try. Lion will just lay there. It’s not a multiplayer sport. He bought some strip wax to use on the less sensitive areas like his tummy and buns. It seems easy when I watched the videos. Of course, the no strip wax seemed easy too. Reality is something different. Cooking shows make things look easy until you try things and have a mess on your hands.

The waxing worked last week. I’ll just need more practice. I’m sure the strip wax will be the same. Slather, slather, strip, strip. Clean up the mess I made. Repeat.