Educational TV

Learning can be fun. TV shows like “Sesame Street” have entertained and educated generations of kids. They love the show and don’t really notice that they are learning to read and do arithmetic. The education is buried in entertainment. My adult, sexual fun of enforced male chastity and our female led relationship with discipline (FLRD) is no different.

I’m not going to pretend either of us imagined that this play would have a serious side. For me it’s an opportunity to surrender control for Mrs. Lion. For her, it’s been a way to make me happy. It turns out that there is a significant side effect: I actually effect serious change as a result of these activities. More surprisingly, to me at least, Mrs. Lion also changes.

For example, the first rule Mrs. Lion set for me was to not spill food on my shirt. She picked this because there was no real chance I could avoid doing that fairly often. I don’t take a bath in my food, but at least once or twice a week I did drip something. She wanted this rule because it assured us that we would have frequent opportunities for punishment. We both needed to learn how to incorporated discipline in our marriage.

Predictably, I spilled at least once a week; more often twice. Mrs. Lion got a lot of practice spanking me. She learned to become an effective disciplinarian. As she learned, the penalty for each offense became more painful. What started out at a sexually arousing spanking, turned into an experience I would try to avoid repeating.  After almost four years of FLRD, spankings have crossed into truly disciplinary territory. I work to avoid them.

Practically unnoticed, I have changed. I almost never get food on my shirt. What started as a twice-weekly issue is now extremely rare. I can go a month or more without a spot. I have learned to eat more neatly. I don’t think Mrs. Lion expected that change. I certainly didn’t.

Changes aren’t limited to spots on my shirt. Another rule was to always wait for Mrs. Lion to eat first. I had to wait until she started or she gave me permission to eat. For quite a while I received at least one spanking a week for forgetting. Now, mistakes are incredibly rare. Perhaps more interesting, Mrs. Lion has been “trained” to be very aware of my behavior. She spots any spills or times I eat first. In fact, her awareness is so acute that when she went across country to visit her kids, she was consciously aware if anyone ate before her.

Our power exchange has changed us. Mrs. Lion has learned to be a consistent and strict disciplinary wife. What started as a playful accommodation of my kinky wishes has become an integrated part of her personality. I’m not saying that she doesn’t feel she is doing all this because I want it. She is. But, as her visit to her kids proved, her role has also become part of who she is.

Since I have been well conditioned to obey my rules, disciplinary opportunities are few and far between. Of course, that’s good news. It’s also an opportunity to make use of our disciplinary relationship to further “improve” me. We have a no-interrupting rule which is almost never enforced. It seems that if I can change as the result of Mrs. Lion’s consistent attention, I can get rid of this bad habit as well.

I don’t expect her to read this and exclaim, “Ah Ha! Now I can make him do anything I want.” That’s silly. She wouldn’t have married me if I were a piece of clay waiting for her to mold me into her submissive dream man. That’s silly. She obviously liked me the way I was before we started FLRD. It’s difficult for her to identify ways I can improve. It’s even more difficult to make and enforce a rule. None of this is easy for either of us.

I think we gain a lot from our FLRD. Aside from modifying my behavior, our intimacy has improved. Also, the ever-more-intense punishments send a valuable lesson to each of us. I’m learning that there are real consequences to carelessness or misbehavior. Mrs. Lion is learning that she can be an effective disciplinarian. While punishing me isn’t fun, it’s helping me change in positive ways.

Even making me wear a chastity device helps us both. It teaches me that I may start something, but I can’t stop it when I get tired of it or don’t like it. It helps Mrs. Lion remember her role as my disciplining wife. The presence of the change is a reminder to us both that we want and need consistency. It’s a symbol of her control over me.