Perhaps I Need A New Rule

We’ve developed patterns over the years. Generally, Mrs. Lion will give me advance notice of what’s coming, or not coming. I get this information via her blog posts, which publish in the early afternoon (here on the West Coast) or in email we exchange all day. In general, I know what to expect. I can also make wishes. I can write about things I would like to see happen, like panties or diapers, and Mrs. Lion often grants them. One of the reasons that she telegraphs her plans is that it gives her something to write about in her daily post. Another is that she wants me to anticipate what she says will be coming.

For the most part, these exchanges keep things on a steady course. But in a way, these communications can create some issues. One of the most difficult for us happens when Mrs. Lion writes about what she plans to do that night. For a very good reason, not feeling well, life intruding, etc., she doesn’t do what she wrote about. I know it bothers her because she knows I am anticipating the fun. That doesn’t happen much, so it isn’t a big issue.

I’ve gotten used to these coming attractions. I like them. I like it better when Mrs. Lion just does things without any advance warning. It makes me feel her control more acutely. I not only don’t get a vote, I don’t get warning. I’m not saying she should never let me know what’s coming. She should when she wants me anticipating my fate.

I also have to stop asking and commenting on what is or isn’t happening. Thursday night, for example, without saying a word about it, Mrs. Lion left me locked in the chastity device. We snuggled and she rubbed my balls. But the device remained firmly in place. I wanted to ask her if she planned on taking it off. I wanted to tell her how horny I am. That’s what I usually do. I decided not to.

It was very difficult to stay silent. I ached to be released for a while. I wanted to be teased. I wanted her to play with me. I decided that it would be wrong for me to say anything. It even occurred to me that perhaps I should have a rule against asking or whining about what is or isn’t happening. Maybe that’s the next step in my training. Of course, that’s completely up to my lioness.


  1. I have such a rule. Sometimes I’m compelled to break it regardless of the consequences!

    1. Author

      Interesting. Whose idea was the rule? What happens if you break it?

      1. My Queen came up with this rule. If I’ve given control of my sexuality to her, then she doesn’t want to be pestered by me about sex! If I break the rule, she adds to my punishment number. If she is really irritated by my lapse, she can add extra punishments as well! It is better not to ask.

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