Locked and Loaded

I didn’t unlock Lion last night. I wasn’t mad at him. I wasn’t sick. I just don’t want him getting too used to the idea of being unlocked every night for play. That, and I haven’t figured out how to torture him without unlocking him.

His balls are still available but I can’t really put clothespins on them. The skin is too taut. I could use Icy Hot but how often can I do that? Yes, I know I can do it every night but that would get old very quickly. I can still give him a play spanking without unlocking him. I can shove something up his ass. I do have options. But here’s the problem: I see playing and sex in the same picture.

Lion used to go to clubs where play could not culminate in sex. People did all sorts of things to each other and then just walked away. That’s not what I know. In fact, I didn’t know any of it before Lion. When we got together it was for sex. Then play came into the mix. I’d do things to him and then give him an orgasm. Or we’d give each other orgasms. Play was always linked to sex.

I think that’s why it was so hard for me to deny him an orgasm in the beginning of our chastity journey. It seemed unnatural. First you play, then you have an orgasm. You can have sex without play but play never happened without sex.

So now I have a horny Lion who is, once again, locked up. I want to show him how “silly” it is for him to be locked away from me. If only he was wild, we could have so much fun. And just to prove it to him, I’m going to do X to him. I just need to figure out what X is. And I have to reconcile, in my mind, that X can happen without the big O.