I’m far from the first guy to point out the ironies in male chastity. We find it sexually arousing to wear a device that prevents sexual arousal. I wear a device locked on my penis that prevents me from achieving an erection, much less ejaculate. Yet, I’m turned on by doing this.

This isn’t a sexual game. I don’t have access to the key that will release me. I can’t decide I’ve had enough of this perverse foreplay and get myself off. I’m stuck until Mrs. Lion decides she wants access. Most of the time, being unlocked doesn’t mean I will be sexually satisfied. It’s far more likely I will be teased until I am just ready to come and then stopped. Mrs. Lion is a genius at masturbating me until I know I will ejaculate and then, at the last second, remove her hand. She does this over and over. When she’s done, she locks my penis back into its cage.

This seems like an insane hobby. Objectively speaking, it is. Of course, men who do this may have legitimate reasons from putting themselves into this position. Some believe they can’t be trusted with an unlocked cock. Perhaps past infidelities or “excessive” masturbation make them believe wearing a chastity device is appropriate for them. Some may not want to ejaculate. Others, may have trouble with arousal and orgasm. A locked penis let’s them avoid their individual issue.

Others, like me, have no issue with masturbation or cheating. Before enforced chastity, I jerked off a couple of times a week. It replaces sex that Mrs. Lion and I weren’t having. I missed interactive sex. By wearing a male chastity device I reasoned that Mrs. Lion would be more involved with my penis. Maybe she would have sex with me when she decided I needed relief. She would own and control my sex life. That idea really got me hot.

Now, nearly five years later, that idea still gets my motor running. I missed the feeling over the months Mrs. Lion let me be wild. Even though as a wild lion, she still controlled any sexual activity, it just wasn’t the same.

I’m turned on by being ‘forced”. Knowing that locked cage around my cock prevents me from any sort of arousal, is exciting to me. Being edged and put back dripping is exciting too. Having to obey Mrs. Lion or be painfully punished if I don’t, is also satisfying to me.

It’s not that i want to submit. I want to be made to submit and obey. Being forced to wear a diaper or panties is hot too. And, of course, being locked in a chastity device is the ultimate form of being “forced”.

That’s what’s behind my kink. This perverse excitement at being controlled is what makes me want to be locked in a chastity device. It wouldn’t work if I locked myself up. It only works if I have my lioness in firm control.


  1. I decided last night that I would change my cages. I have been wearing a CB 6000s and derivatives I made from 3-D scanning and 3-D printing. (The A ring on my CB 6000 kept breaking and I re-engineered it so as not to break) I also scanned and shortened the cage. I found the medium short cage, basically just the head area, very comfortable.
    After reading and seeing the photo of the inexpensive Chinese cage, I decided to buy one and see how it fits. Since I have a PA, I also bought the PA lock. I hope the combination of cage and PA lock will be comfortable for long term wear.
    As I mentioned, the medium short cage is very comfortable, but hard to clean and dry. I wonder if the Chinese cage will be easier to clean?

    1. Author

      The little, Chinese cage is very easy to keep clean. Any open bar design is.

  2. A little addendum here concerning the Chinese cage. I realized after I sent my comment that this new cage with the PA lock is probably the most inescapable cage I have even seen. You cannot pull out and the lock cannot be cut with a bolt cutter. I suppose you can drill out the locks, but anything requiring power tools in a sensitive area could be traumatic. I guess the main requirement is, “Don’t lose the Keys”.

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