Good Old Fashioned Whomping

Sometimes (usually) I run into problems when Lion suggests changes. Or, more correctly, when I perceive he’s suggested a change. Case in point: his recent posts about cages.

Yesterday I suggested that the blog has replaced the cage when you consider the importance in our lives. The cage was meant to focus our attention on sex and play. It did its job. Now I think the blog has done the same thing. In my post I suggested that the cage is no longer needed, but perhaps we could use it, as Lion wrote in a different post, on weekends as a toy. He doesn’t like that idea.

Locking Lion up again has been something we’ve discussed off and on for a while. We haven’t come up with a solution. He wants to be locked up except when he is locked up. I want him to be locked up except when I have to lock him up or unlock him. It’s an inconvenience. Does that mean it’s not worth it? Up to now I think it does. We still have some thinking to do.

Lion had a lot going on yesterday and didn’t remind me about punishment day in his emails. I didn’t say anything. I just waited. He has until 8:30 pm. At around 7 he reminded me. He does have reminders set on his phone but if he’s not in the room when it dings he’s sort of out of luck. Good thing he remembered on his own.

I was thinking tonight might be a good night for a whomping. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a maintenance spanking. It might just be a good old fashioned play spanking. He hasn’t had one of those in a very long time.