5.42 Days And A Sub Sandwich

sub sandwich
This is a full loaf of Italian bread with meat and stuff inside. Amazingly good bakery.

Yesterday, we went into the city to get a piece of art framed. Since we were going there, we decided to stop at our favorite bakery (only real bakery we’ve found so far in the Seattle area). They make what they call a small sub sandwich. It’s a full loaf of Italian bread with lots of meat and veggies. The bread is perfect and the sandwich can feed two hungry lions if they are being piggy. We were.

It was a fun outing. We found a bagel store for our favorite bagel bakery. That’s a big deal because Seattle thinks bagels are just round pieces of bread with a hole in the middle. This one company makes real, New York style bagels. So, we stopped and stocked up. Then, when we got home, I browsed Amazon and discovered that Amazon Fresh has a limited offer to give $30 off an order of $100 or more. Cool! This offer is very limited so if you are a Fresh customer, check it out. We ordered $100 of groceries and got them for $70.

If you don’t live where Amazon offers this service, it’s a complete supermarket that’s online. They have special delivery trucks that come at a time you select. It’s great. The prices are very good and the product range is excellent.  I used search to locate Magnum ice cream bars. In addition to the ice cream, Magnum, extra large condoms came up. Mrs. Lion laughed and said, “You don’t need them,”

I hope she was referring to my vasectomy, not my anatomy. Oh well. Of course she has a point. This year I had 21 hand jobs, 14 blow jobs, and one vaginal orgasm. In case you care, my average wait this year is 5.42 days (That’s 5 days, 10 hours and 48 minutes, not that I keep track). Spreadsheets are wonderful things!

As usual, I have no idea what Mrs. Lion has in store for me. Her post yesterday was about her doctor visit and sleep problems. I’ve had trouble sleeping without pharmaceutical help since my arm was injured nearly two years ago. My snoring has gone down a lot. Mrs. Lion’s has increased. I’m all in favor of her getting more information from a qualified physician.

I’m writing this post on Saturday afternoon. I’m not sure what tonight will bring. Happily, I’m horny even though it is just two days since my last ejaculation. I was horny yesterday too. Go figure.