The other day when I punished Lion I sort of threatened him with the punishment stool in the corner. I was thinking about bringing it upstairs to use it but we’re getting ready for out-of-town guests and I don’t really want to drag it upstairs only to have to drag it back downstairs in a few days. So then I wondered what effect Icy Hot would have on rosy cheeks.

It may not have as much of an effect as I hope, but it might be worth a shot just to see. On the other hand, it might make an already hot tushy even hotter. If it does amplify it, I hope it lasts a long time.

Lion and I are having an interesting discussion via email. Today is punishment day. He needs to tell me by 8:30 pm. Normally he tells me fairly early in the day. This morning he said there was nothing much going on. No mention of punishment day. No problem. He has plenty of time.

A few emails later he writes, “It’s punishment day.” I told him he was a good boy for reminding me and said I wasn’t sure if he’d remember. He said he was toying with the idea of “forgetting” to tell me. That’s a slippery slope. If I have any reason to think he’s forgotten on purpose, the punishment would be more severe. He has no idea what I’ll come up with. He said he’s curious to find out.

Theoretically, he should be punished for this impertinence. Of course, this is just what he wants. So punishing him plays right into his hands. But not punishing him sends a different message. The key is, I think, to punish him with something he will not like at all. Or a combination of things he won’t like. I definitely need to curb this willful behavior.

Is the Icy Hot on a swatted butt the answer? Maybe Icy Hot on the butt and some time on the punishment stool. Or Icy Hot on his balls and some time on the punishment stool. I already know his balls will be on fire, and the scratchiness of the welcome mat on the punishment stool will be torture.

Maybe I should pick up some raisins on the way home. Lion hates raisins. One or two of them might do the trick. The problem is that no matter what I do to him, he’ll probably enjoy it. Certainly not while it’s happening, but I bet Mr. Weenie will be happy.


  1. Lucky guy to get all of your attention.

    1. You’re right. I am amazingly lucky.

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