How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall?

A tourist is visiting New York City and asks a native, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The native answers, “Practice, practice, practice.”

There are things we have done that require consistent practice. The most obvious example is anal play. Just because I could manage a dildo 1-3/4 inches in diameter a couple of months ago, doesn’t mean I can handle it now. If, on the other hand, I am penetrated one or two times a week, my ability to take insertables increases as my body learns to accept larger items.

I think this is true for all sensation play. Spanking is similar. While, it’s true that I can never “get used” to a spanking — it will always hurt as much each time — I can learn to hold still through the pain. A spanking that would make me hide under the bed a few years ago, is manageable now. It hurts just as much as before; well maybe not as much, but still hurts. The point is that I’m trained to hold still despite how much it hurts. That’s why maintenance spankings are useful for me.

Mrs. Lion has a goal in mind when it comes to maintenance (training) spankings. She wants me to learn to hold still through a long, painful, punishment-level spanking. During my maintenance spanking on Saturday, I started trying to wriggle away. When I did, she asked,

“Do you want me to start all over again?”

I got back into position. She’s figured it out!

It’s all about education. For example, repeated anal insertions with increasingly wider plugs and dildos doesn’t stretch the anus. It’s being trained to relax more and more. Fisting is a process  of “teaching” the bottom’s bottom to accept the top’s hand up to the wrist. Mrs. Lion has tried sporadically without success. There is no doubt she can teach me if she wants. It will take time and a lot of initial discomfort for me. Multiple sessions with wider and wider plugs and dildos prepare me for her entire hand.

Both top and bottom require training. As the bottom, my training is more uncomfortable than Mrs. Lion’s. But that’s the role I’ve chosen.