serial numbered plastic seals
These seals may do more than add convenience to locking me in a chastity device.

Mrs. Lion is on her way to visit her East Coast family. I’m back in the Jail Bird. Instead of using the supplied security screw, we are using serial-numbered, plastic seals. Mrs. Lion promised to have me send her pictures to prove I haven’t removed the cage. We have an enormous supply of seals. The minimum purchase is 100. I suppose we will use them all eventually.

This is the first time we have been apart and I have been locked in a male chastity device. It was 100% Mrs. Lion’s idea. I’m not going to announce this is the start of something big. It isn’t. Mrs. Lion is using the chastity device as a way for us to feel closer while she is so far away. As she wrote (read here and here), we can play. She can have me cut the seal and then put a  new one on after I do something; probably shower and check for sores. The seals give her a remote control.

Giving me the security screwdriver wouldn’t be the same. If I have the tool, I can unlock and relock without her ever knowing. Even though I wouldn’t, control would be mine. With the seals, she retains full control. Yes, I can cut it and get out. But, the next time I have to send her a picture, she will know. She will be angry and disappointed. I will pay when she gets back.

Control isn’t so much making it impossible for me to escape. It’s about making it impossible for me to escape undetected. If I do defy her and cut the seal, she will know and I will be punished. That’s control. I think the truest measure of control is the ability to render consequences for disobedience. I have my free will, but it better want what Mrs. Lion tells me to do.

I can get out of the cage. It doesn’t require anything more than a pair of scissors. If I do, I will feel a lot of pain when my lioness returns. I know that and I don’t think a little cheating is worth the consequences. Perfect for us.

Mrs. Lion hasn’t decided if I will continue to be caged when she gets home. I haven’t offered my opinion on the subject. I’m not sure how I feel. I really like the control I feel when I wear the device. I miss it if it is off for any length of time. I also dislike the little discomforts and inconveniences it creates. I like being able to get an erection; impossible with the device in place.

I have no idea what Mrs. Lion will decide. I think her decision to keep me locked while she travels suggests that the device may be more important than she may have thought in the past. If it works to bring us closer when apart, it stands to reason it has the same effect when we are together too.