cage rotates while i wear it
My cage rotates around the locking shaft. The seal, unlike the locking screw, doesn’t prevent it. (Click image to enlarge)

Mrs. Lion is with her kids now. Her daughter is graduating high school and she will be there to cheer for her. I was put in the Jail Bird Saturday night after getting a handjob. Mrs. Lion locked the device with one of the yellow, plastic seals. I slept through the night with no trouble. Very early yesterday morning I drove her to the airport. It was a lonely drive home.

While she was at the airport, Mrs. Lion sent me a text asking for a picture. She had forgotten to write down the seal number. The picture I sent her (Right) showed a bit more than the seal number. The cage had rotated around the shaft on the base ring. This isn’t very secure. It’s also more difficult to stay aligned to pee.

seal on chastity device
The plastic cage engages with the base ring using a slot that prevents the cage from rotating. The seal’s only purpose is to prevent sliding the ring out of its track.

I sent Mrs. Lion an email about this problem and requested that I swat from the Jail Bird to the plastic cage. There are a couple of minor inconveniences with the plastic device. The “bars” are wider and it is a bit harder to stay clean (Image left).

There is a potential problem with irritation. This device is 3D-printed and is shipped with a “pebble” finish. This is very irritating and for me, at least, unwearable. I spent hours sanding the device to make it smooth enough to wear.

plastic cage detail
The cage slides into a locking track. The seal prevents the cage from sliding out. (note the red finish in spots. When I sanded the device smooth, these are spots that I didn’t bother smoothing since they don’t touch my skin)

We’ve tested it and it appears to be fine now. Mrs. Lion noticed a bit of a “rough spot” on my penis after I had worn it a few days. This may or may not be caused by the cage. I might have missed a spot inside the cage when I was smoothing.

The Jail Bird’s design weakness is the way the cage locks on to the base ring. The round post is the easiest way to do this. As I’ve learned, the connection between cage and base ring, while secure, will allow rotation if there is any play at all between the lock (or seal) and the post.

Mrs. Lion gave me position to make the switch. I got a text from her that she noticed the cage twisting on Saturday night. Because my view of the cage is limited, I spent a lot of time trying to fix the base ring, assuming that was the problem. When I took a good look at the picture I sent her, it was obvious what’s going on. I removed the Jail Bird, took my shower, and replaced it with the plastic cage. Hopefully, I’m done with mechanical issues.