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Lion safely caged and sealed

No, I’m not afraid to fly. The way I see it, if the plane goes down I may have some time to be scared but it certainly won’t be for long. After that I won’t care anymore. I hate flying because of all the packing, going through security, waiting around for boarding, boarding, being stuck in a tin can for hours at a time and waiting for people in front of me to get their belongings and get off the plane. What a process! Yuck!!

On the other hand, six hours to the east coast is pretty fast when you consider that driving takes days. I can sleep, play games on my iPad, people bring me drinks and food. The only thing better would be first class although the cost outweighs the luxury for us. I could probably buy three round trip coach tickets for the price of one round trip first class ticket. Not worth it. I’ll save that money to take my kids to dinner.

I’m very excited to see my daughter graduate. Don’t tell anyone but she’s my favorite youngest child. She’s graduating with honors and heading to college in August. I’m very proud of her.

Now that we’ve solved the problem of how to lock Lion up, I’ll have to come up with things to make him do for pictures. The old ransom note kind of thing is more difficult since people don’t have newspapers readily available anymore. I think it’s probably more important to have the number on the seal visible than to prove he’s locked at any particular time. He could even take several pictures of the seal and send them to me at any time all while he’s wild. That, of course, would defeat the purpose of locking him up anyway and if I never allow him to cut the seal he’d be in big trouble when I got home to find a different seal. [Lion — The camera records the date and time of each picture. I’m sure Mrs. Lion can easily find a viewer that reveals the date and time each picture was taken.]

Lion wouldn’t do that. He’s a good boy. He sees the value in the power part of his being locked up. And the fun too. He always says I never notice the cage. Now I’m actually asking for pictures of it. How did that happen? It just seemed like a nice way to be with him even if I’m not with him.