plastic clothespins on balls
2.0 doesn’t even hesitate when placing strong, plastic clothespins on my most sensitive areas.

Mrs. Lion has evolved into Lioness 2.0. All the things she said 2.0 would do, describe her current state perfectly. Our play has a decidely painful tone. Clothespins applied to my balls are intentionally placed where she knows it will be most painful. Spankings are longer and my butt redder. I have sore spots that last a day or two afterward.

I find myself changing too. For example, the first time she used clothespins that intentionally hit the most painful spots, I was a surprised and a bit angry. It wasn’t the way I liked to be pinned. 2.0, of course, couldn’t care less. She went on finding those touchy spots. Poor me!

This past weekend we had another clothespin session. This time, if anything, it was worse. She made occasional use of painful plastic clothespins. I wasn’t shocked or upset. Yes, it hurt a lot, but I expected that. She made sure my erection stayed at maximum hardness the entire time. I really liked that experience.

It makes sense. The first time the sensation gets dialed up, it’s a surprise, not necessarily particularly welcomed. That’s where 2.0 comes in. She doesn’t care if I want or like it. It’s what she wants to do. My job is to learn to make the best of it. I’m not a consumer. I’m the victim. It’s a subtle-but-important distinction. I know I am not in control. That’s what I want, right?

At the time, it certainly isn’t. It’s the last thing I want. But now I realize it is exactly what I want and need. That doesn’t mean I will be laughing the next time a mean, plastic clothespin grabs skin at the base of my cock. I’ll hate it. But I won’t be shocked. I know what’s coming.

Many months ago, Mrs. Lion came up with the idea of Lioness 2.0. At that time, she was playing the way I liked it. She wasn’t comfortable pushing things out of her (and my) comfort zone. She wrote that 2.0 wouldn’t care how I felt about what she was doing. She would do what she wanted to without my input. At the time, she was very uncertain she could reach that point, but she saw it as an aspirational goal.

I have no idea what flipped the switch. But it happened. I may get to suggest activities or how to improve things she does to me. She’s still willing to accept that. But, she will take the suggestion and really run with it. My balls learned that during 2.0 clothespin play. Actually, before that, she used Icy Hot on my balls in true 2.0 style. She put on a thick layer, then massaged it in when it seemed to be wearing off. Then, when it was fading, she put on a new coat. She wasn’t particularly interested in how I felt about this.

Initially, I thought that 2.0 was just visiting. She’s done that before. But no, she’s here for good. I wonder if there will be a 3.0. If there is, will I live through the experience?


  1. Author

    Sounds like you’re a very lucky man. 3.0 may be even more fun, but I’d suggest enjoying 2.0 for quite a while and not rush through it.

  2. Author

    yes you will live thru 3.0 and look forward to 4.0 too
    love this thought ” My job is to learn to make the best of it. I’m not a consumer. I’m the victim. It’s a subtle-but-important distinction”
    i think what we ultimately want is our Mistress to be happy(pleasure) and we endure for that happiness.

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