I made sure we had time for play last night. I was planning on using Velcro on him but Lion had flashbacks to the sore on my weenie. He doesn’t want me to use Velcro again. I think he’s overreacting but I’ll retire the Velcro.

I put a lot of clothespins on my balls instead. I started out with wooden ones but threw in a plastic one every now and then. And I tugged at them while I edged him by hand. I’m sure they hurt in general but there were certain ones that really hurt. Not just the plastic ones. He’s got a few very sensitive areas. He told me afterwards how much the clothespins hurt. Well, duh. They were supposed to hurt.

When I reminded him he was the one who wanted to play he said he didn’t ask for clothespins. That’s true but he wouldn’t let me use Velcro. Clothespins were next in line. I’m sure he had fun. He wasn’t really complaining.

I was debating whether or not to give him an orgasm. Ultimately I decided to make him wait. We haven’t played that much and I want to torture him a bit more. Lion was surprised he didn’t get an orgasm. He says it’s been days and he’s horny. Poor thing. He’s horny. Good!

Tonight we’re heading for a casino so there may be no play. That’s why Lion thought there would be an orgasm last night. His horniness obscured the idea that maybe I was making him wait for Tuesday night on purpose. That’s our last night of the trip and he’ll get his sendoff then.



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    We really do love the wait. And the power being used in denying us .

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        Aw, you know you love it!

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