The Most Exotic Kink

Have you noticed that on our site (and others), when the post deviates from your particular kinks, you might emit a silent “eeew”. Some alien kinks send little shocks of arousal; others are just repulsive. “Kink friendly” is a very relative term.

Since most people read the Journal because of an interest in enforced male chastity, the response to our posts about locking me up and edging me meet with approval. Hardware reviews are always well received. When we write about punishment, spanking, and other BDSM activities, I’m sure there are some mental “eeew’s” being expressed. I’m no different. There are kinks I just don’t like.

If my dislike is strong, I react very negatively. I wonder how anyone would want to do “that”. Isn’t that the way vanilla people react to a guy with his penis in a little cage? The point is that we aren’t that different from our vanilla brothers and sisters.

It’s perfectly natural to have these feelings. The trouble starts when people turn their private dislike into public condemnation. There’s nothing wrong with a private comment to Mrs. Lion. But it is horrible to turn the negative reaction into anything more.

Occasionally, we get massively intolerant comments to our posts. I usually delete them. They add nothing to the conversation. Occasionally, I’ll leave one up because it is too funny to delete. One guy was horrified that I don’t have pubic hair. His long comment explained to me that hair is natural and important (huh?) down there. I haven’t had any in over 20 years and nothing’s fallen off yet.

The point is that this guy was shocked. He had to educate us on the error of our ways. Others are equally offended by same sex couples, transsexuals, people with different skin color and men that let their wives spank them. Why do they react with outrage? Isn’t a puzzled shake of the head enough?

Intolerance is a common human fault. I think it is odd when people who practice sexually kinky activities, will react as intolerantly as vanilla people. Perhaps being tolerant is the ultimate kink.


  1. Author

    Thank you so much for this posting. As a gay man who has embraced male chastity and who is currently self-locked I often feel rather left on the sidelines by the comments from straight couples which do not seem to acknowledge the possibility of chastity for gay men, whether or not they are in a relationship. And I totally agree with you about other people’s kinks. Please, everyone, lighten up and accept that we live in a multifaceted society and the great joy is that we can learn from each other.

    1. Author

      YKINMYBYKIOK: “Your kink is not my kink, but your kink is OK.”

      As a “hetero-flexible” male, it always seemed to me that male chastity would work out great in a gay (male) relationship, especially one with more distinct top/bottom roles. I’m rather surprised that the gay community hasn’t come more to realize the fun that chastity play can provide, and the “holes and poles” work out really well in that context.

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