Making The Pain Last

I’m writing today’s post early. Sunday night’s  we got to play. I wasn’t sure we would get to do anything on this trip. The high altitude (just under 3,000 feet) reduces the amount of pollen in the air. That raises my horny quotient. We had a very good time. Mrs. Lion is firmly in 2.0 mode. When 1.0 put clothespins on a spot that made me wince, she would move it. 2.0 happily leaves in place and looks for other equally painful locations.

As she does this, jerks me off. I feel a combination of sharp pain and near-orgasmic pleasure. Wow! It’s a real trip. These opposing sensations have always been there when 1.0 played with me. But, when the intensity is dialed up by 2.0, It’s a very different experience. 2.0 doesn’t just dial up the pain. She also pushes me extremely close to orgasm. I lose track of time and place. I find myself living in the sensations.

One of the most exciting parts of this experience has nothing to do with what Mrs. Lion is doing. It’s how she is doing it. She appears empathy free. Her expression is impersonal. She’s pursuing an interesting hobby. Her face says she is trying to do a good job. She’s at work, perfecting her technique.

I think that’s incredibly hot. I know she really cares how much sensation she is inflicting. But she isn’t feeling the pain with me. She is trying to make it worse. That may sound horrible. But it isn’t. It’s exactly right. My pain (and frustration) and her impersonal administration of those sensations is the very essence of our roles.

I know this isn’t easy for her. 2.0 works through the difficulties. She’s started to vocalize as well. When I say, “Ouch!” or whine. She just responds with, “Does it hurt? It’s supposed to!”

All the time she is jerking me off. It’s amazing.

When she punished me a couple days ago, 2.0 was there too. Her technique subtly changed. She used a wooden spoon with rough anti-skid floor tape on it. That wasn’t the 2.0 part. It was her technique. She kept up a fairly fast pace with her paddle. She slowly dialed it up. She kept going and going. Perfect.

She may be surprised to read it, but I wanted her to go on longer. It wasn’t that I was having fun. It was more that I felt she was going somewhere. I was on a journey with her. We were on the way. While I know I will hate it, I really want her to keep going. My bottom can take a lot more. I know that when she makes this wish come true (and I am pretty sure that will happen soon since I interrupted her on Sunday) I will complain and say I regret telling her.

I don’t think that will be the whole truth. A really sore bottom will help me feel I paid for what I did. I don’t want to interrupt.

The educational benefit of a spanking isn’t the pain while it is being inflicted. It’s the constant reminder a sore bottom provides that truly sends the lasting message. If I interrupt again soon after punishment, it just means Mrs. Lion needs to increase the painful reminder she is providing. A sore butt is a great teacher.

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    Excellent piece. I can relate entirely. I absolutely adore my wife for the effort she puts forth in our lifestyle. I too find the biggest thrill is watching her grow in and enjoy her role. A journey together for sure.

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