Something is wrong. Our trip, aside from a missed exit, is going very well. There’s usually some problem with the setup. Nope. It went fine. We went to dinner and got right in. No waiting. The only issue is that the three campsites near us are full of people who are together. That means lots of kids, lots of noise, and dogs allowed to roam around. Our dog is not thrilled.

When we got back from dinner we watched TV. I like watching TV in the living room. I’m not really a fan of watching TV in bed. We were both tired. Just after 10 I suggested going into the bedroom. To my surprise, Lion was horny. His allergies are better in this climate.

I edged him a few times. I got him very close. And then I stopped. I have no idea how many days it’s been since his last orgasm but I wasn’t going to give in on the first night of a trip. We want to play and we can’t do that if he’s not honry. Therefore, he won’t have an orgasm until Monday at least. I need time to torture him.

Lion wasn’t happy about just being edged. Well, he did his “buh, buh, buh, horny” routine. I think he was happy with the attention. He just wished he could have had an orgasm. But then we couldn’t have had fun tonight. Or tomorrow. If he could manage an orgasm a night then everything would be fine. For all I know he can. But I’m not willing to take a chance. There’s a certain amount of pressure to play on trips. We tend to be very lax about it. I want to change that this summer.

I also owe Lion some swats for spilling food on his shirt yesterday. I’d decided to punish him this morning but forgot to tell him. We were drifting off to sleep when he reminded me. He’s a good boy.


  1. Author

    Keep teasing and stringing him along – believe me, he’ll love it, even if he protests at the time (perhaps he “doth protest too much”…).

  2. Author

    Many times this past year I thought sure an orgasm was in line. Not my decision. I was reminded that will be her choice. Enjoy your plight, you asked for it.

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