Diapers Everywhere

When I told Lion he had a little more than an hour of freedom left he wasn’t too happy. Two big boxes of diapers arrived and are staring him down. What can I say? He probably shouldn’t have asked me if we wanted them. And if he did, he shouldn’t have asked me what we’d do with so many diapers. Silly boy. He knows the answer.

I find this sort of thing amusing. Technically I’m not hurting him. He’s not in any physical pain. It’s emotional pain. He’s humiliated by wearing a wet diaper. I suppose I could make it worse if I told him to wear the diapers that look more like baby diapers. Then I’d have to change him. His wife would have to wipe his peed butt and powder him before putting another diaper on him. How humiliating!

No, thank you. I can only go so far. I deal with poo sometimes when I peg him. I do not want to change a wet diaper. The only diapers I want to change are grandchildren’s diapers. They can’t help being wet or messy. I guess Lion can’t help it either since I’m making him wear diapers, but I don’t have to change him.

I’ll make sure Lion washes himself when I want to play with him. I don’t want to deal with pee smell either. Yuck.

There is one thing that I like about Lion wearing a diaper. His balls are warm and loose when we play. It’s like he just came out from under the blankets. I like when his balls hang down. In the past, I’ve stretched them with a weight but that’s not necessary. I am just a big fan of the rear view, bent over Lion with balls swinging in the breeze. And warm balls swing more freely. I also think the skin is softer when it’s warm. Of course those balls will be covered by a diaper this weekend except when we play. I know he’s hoping for some extended play sessions so he can avoid being in the diaper.


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    I think you’re missing out by not changing him. For me, that was the most fun part of it! The baby wipes, the talcum powder, doing him up nice and snug. Him having to come to me and ask to be changed. Wrinkling my nose as I dispose of the wet diaper. Despite himself, it embarrassed him sooo much. Fun!

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    And, of course, a light little diaper position spanking between diapers for wetting himself like a baby (despite the fact he was required to, he still did it, no getting away from that simple fact)

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    A question for you… I’m a sleep wetter, so diapers are just a fact of life for me, neither pleasure nor punishment.

    My wife and I are getting back into chastity play after time off for kids and life, and have so far limited ourselves to daytime play, as diapers at night along with chastity seemed more difficult to clean, more uncomfortable, and so on. It’s something we assumed wouldn’t mix well.

    Are there any special things you do regarding your chastity when you’re wearing diapers? Barrier creams? More showers? Different chastity device? Could you comment more about the practical aspects of diapers and chastity at the same time, and how you manage it?

    1. I don’t think there is any reason to remove the device when in a diaper. I’ve worn my Jail Bird when diapered. Modern diapers keep the wet away from your skin. We didn’t need to do anything differently just because I was locked in a device.

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