I haven’t necessarily been planning it, but Lion has gotten an orgasm every four days for a while now. Actually, when I think about giving him one I have to count to see how many days it’s been. This is tricky for me because it’s usually right in the middle of edging him. And I’m never quite sure what day I gave him the last one. Lion will tell me it’s all listed on the website for my perusal but, again, I’m usually otherwise engaged.

Last night when I realized it had been another four days, I considered making him wait. I know he wanted an orgasm. He usually does in the heat of battle. Approaching the edge he’d agree to a lot of things. However, it’s my decision. And I wanted him to have one. I consider it perfect timing if he’s amenable and I want him to have one.

If we continue on the same path, his next orgasm will be Saturday. But will it? I don’t know. I give him one when the whim hits me. We’ve got an out-of-town errand to run on Saturday. We’ll have to see how we feel. Lion will be in a diaper. He’ll almost certainly be hot but not necessarily the kind of hot conducive to orgasms. He may be annoyed. He’ll definitely be uncomfortable. Sitting in your own pee does that to a person, or so I’ve heard. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to sit in my own pee.

There’s no reason to make him wait any longer than four days, just as there’s no reason to give him one every four days. It’s just the cycle I’ve been in lately. I may decide it’s time for a longer wait. Who knows? I don’t hear Lion complaining about it. He’s happy to go along with any orgasm. Smart Lion!