Hair Trigger

A few days after his kidney stone surgery, Lion was very horny. He was hard immediately and I hadn’t even touched my weenie yet. As I was revving up the engines he almost came. It was strange. So little effort was required. The past few nights have been the same. Maybe he wasn’t immediately hard, but I almost went past the edge. For some reason he doesn’t show any of the normal signs of getting to the edge. He says even he doesn’t know until it’s almost too late.

I don’t know why this would be happening. Could it be because of the surgery? My weenie was invaded, after all. But I don’t remember it happening last time. Does it only happen after the second surgery? If he has kidney stones again that require surgery, will things revert? Is it an even number thing? Is it the length of time the stent was in? Will it go back to normal on its own? So many questions.

The reason it’s an issue is that if I can’t tell, if Lion can’t even tell, when he’s near the edge, how do I edge him? I know I have a history of going to far and then either leaving him with a ruined orgasm or having to salvage an orgasm. If this persists Lion could have a lot more ruined or salvaged orgasms. That doesn’t really bode well for orgasm denial.

Maybe I’m semi-panicking too soon. It just started. Maybe it will resolve. Maybe we’ll figure out a way to have more warning. Maybe we need to go with it and Lion will have more orgasms. I know he wants one right now. He actually suggested it last night when I almost went too far. “Nothing wrong with giving me an orgasm.” Well, no, but then he’ll be upset that we didn’t play because he isn’t usually interested for a day or so after an orgasm. Unless the change is that he’ll be in a constant state of horniness. (I don’t mean 24/7. I mean raring to go every day.)

Maybe we’ll test that theory. For now, I just want to get him to Sunday. He can have a nice orgasm after we play some more.