The New Mrs. Lion

clothespins on lion
This was a few weeks ago. Mrs. Lion placed lots of clothespins on my balls and nipples. It was uncomfortable but arousing. Last night was nothing like this.

Last night we played. Mrs. Lion unlocked me and took out her clothespins. I like clothespin play. She covers my balls with them. They hurt a little and it is exciting when she pulls them. It’s very hot fun. But last night was different. She only put a few clothespins on me. They weren’t on my balls. She carefully placed each one in a spot near the base of my cock where it really hurt.

When she put the first one on, I yelped. She asked if that spot hurt. I said yes. So she moved it about 1/4 inch to a spot that hurt just as much. Then she found other spots that were truly painful. All the way she edged me. I was rock hard and hurting. She’s never done anything like this before. Play has always been to arouse and tease me. She never challenged me with things she knew would hurt.

I asked her about it afterward. She didn’t say much. I asked if she knew it was really going to hurt. She did. I commented that she changed. She quietly agreed. It will be interesting and painful to see where she is going with this.

Today is the day that Mrs. Lion promised me an orgasm. I’ve been anticipating it anxiously. She wondered how I felt about knowing in advance when I would finally get to ejaculate. This is much more interesting than not knowing when. I wondered if knowing would change how I felt when being edged. It doesn’t. There’s a point when I forget everything except how wonderful Mrs. Lion’s hand feels on her weenie.

The fact that my hand can’t get near it also amplifies the level of pleasure as well. I can’t explain it, but when the only hand that touches my penis is hers, my focus changes. Of course, I may not get to come today. If I do something that displeases her, I may have more time to wait. That’s the power of an announced orgasm day. The power is reinforced by the fact that I am securely locked in a chastity device.

We’ve been writing about my notion of erection control vs orgasm denial. Mrs. Lion apparently doesn’t mind if I get hard as long as I don’t ejaculate. I understand that. I think that it’s less erection control than inability to touch. I can’t help it if I get an erection at times. All guys do. But, if I learn never to touch her weenie, that changes the entire ballgame for me.

From when I would sneak my hand into my diaper as a baby to the present, I enjoy touching my penis. I think most guys do. Of course, I prefer Mrs. Lion’s hand to mine, but being able to “check things out” down there is comforting. Stricter lockup in the chastity device keeps my hands away.

I suspect that part of my more reactive response to Mrs. Lion’s hands is due to the touch deprivation being locked all the time creates. It also may have to do with the boner pills (generic Viagra – sidenafil) I’ve been taking; though they aren’t supposed to affect arousal, just make me harder. They work wonderfully in that area. Mrs. Lion loves the extra stiffness. I do too. Now that I can’t touch, I can still definitely feel the extra “stretch”. It’s great.

Today is the 15th day since my last orgasm. That’s a lot for me. Today promises to be exciting in the BDSM department as well. An all-around, boner day.