Lion has a habit of finding ways to “enhance” our male chastity and female led relationship. Yesterday I wrote about getting back into playing. He suggested spanking. I agreed. Then he said punishment spanking should be included. He also suggested that he should be in his cage whenever I don’t want to play with him, even to the extent that he can’t take a shower without my supervision if he’s unlocked.

It’s true that I haven’t punished Lion in a while. He’s been injured or sick for a few weeks. He’s also been very well-behaved. Why would I punish him if there’s no reason to punish him? And I was talking about returning to play, not punishment. I’m not sure I knowingly preempted punishments for the past few weeks. I may not have actually punished him while he was feeling sick but I would have kept track of offenses or at the very least growled at him.

When I said supervising him while he’s wild seemed like a lot of work he brushed it off. Why would it be more work? I’ll just need to make sure I slap that cage back on him the second he’s soft. And I’ll have to follow him to the bathroom if he’s wild. And into the shower. Of course if I don’t leave him unlocked for a second longer than necessary I won’t need to follow him. On the other hand, if I never unlock him at all then my days are completely free. I suppose I could keep an ice cube next to the bed to encourage him to get softer quicker so I can get the cage back on as fast as humanly possible.

At this point I don’t have a problem with Lion having an erection without me. If anything, it tests his willpower not to go any further with it. I’m not suggesting he should play with himself. I’m taking about morning wood and other non-sanctioned erections. If he’s writing or reading a post and my weenie wants to voice his approval he should be able to – with no help from Lion.

As far as punishment spanking are concerned, he may find himself getting one if he continues to be “helpful”. I’ve been doing a lot of the chores around the house the past few weeks. This is not the kind of help I need.