No Peeking

Lion thinks he needs some excitement in his life. He thinks maybe that’s why he hasn’t been horny lately. Last night I suggested waiting for the weekend when we have some extra time to devote to sex and play. Lion agrees.

This morning, in his email, he said he’s looking forward to the weekend. I figured it was a good time to start exciting him. I told him I’m thinking the weekend has a blindfold in store for him and then it doesn’t really matter because he won’t be able to see the rest coming. He loves being blindfolded. I just knew that would get his mind going.

I thought briefly about the Magic Wand last night. It might have worked but the blindfold, or the idea of the blindfold, seemed like a better way to go. Of course nothing says I can’t still use the Magic Wand while he’s blindfolded. I could even blindfold him while he’s in the sling. Then he’d be completely helpless.

We’ve only used a blindfold a few times. For the most part Lion keeps his eyes closed when we play. I sort of like when he sneaks a peek to see what I’m doing. But he likes not knowing what’s coming. It’s sort of bondage. I guess it’s the surrender he likes. OK. I can live with that. As long as I get to see him sneaking a peek most of the time.