Fun, Fun, Fun

We all have different ideas of fun. Mine are a bit different than most. For one thing, most of the sexual ideas are fun before and after the actual event. I generally dislike what happens during the activity. For example, I find the idea of being spanked exciting. But I hate the way it feels as my butt gets red and bruised. After the pain subsides a bit, I love that I was spanked. See? Fun before and after, but not during the event.

When it comes to sex, I like all three (anticipation, activity, remembering). I imagine everybody feels that way. However, the level of pleasure isn’t constant. For example, those of us who are under orgasm control can easily find the anticipation of ejaculating more exciting than the actual act. This is one explanation for why some guys want to be made to wait longer and longer. The anticipation almost replaces the act itself.

The more I think about it, fun is mostly memories and anticipation. Guys locked in chastity devices make a high art out of anticipation. I have to admit that isn’t true of me. I like the bondage experience of wearing a chastity device, but anticipating my next orgasm isn’t something I do. I don’t know why, but orgasms just don’t do that for me. I like them. I love them. But I don’t think about the next one and I don’t reminisce about my last.

Of course, I have my greatest hits collection of orgasms. They’re special for many reasons. Some of Mrs. Lion’s oral orgasms are on my hit parade. My first hand, vaginal, oral, and anal orgasms are vivid in my memory. The sensations were incredible. I guess we all remember our firsts.

I think that in the case of play, my memories need to be fresh to turn me on. That could be part of the reason I’m currently having a dry spell.