Lion has been sleeping a lot for the past week. Yesterday was my turn. I’d wake up, watch some TV and be tired again. I don’t think either of us is very sick. Just enough to knock us out for a few days.

I’m pretty sure by tonight Lion will be frisky and looking for action. He’s been more awake today. He made breakfast both yesterday and today. He’s written his post for tomorrow. And tonight he’ll want some snuggling and play. That’s fine with me. Right now I just have sniffles. I’m done with being sick. I hope sick is done with me.

Despite being sick, Lion still paid attention to not spilling food and not eating first. If anything I was the messier one. I’ve spilled more stuff in the past few days than I have in the past few months. Good thing I don’t get in trouble for it.

I’m looking forward to things getting back to normal around here. Between Lion’s business trip and being sick we’ve been off our game for a while. Let the nightly edgings commence.