Not Quite Dead Yet

I feel a little better this morning than I did yesterday. I’m still stuffy but I feel less groggy, for want of a better word. Lion never made it out of bed yesterday. Sure he made it to the kitchen and bathroom but for the most part he was in bed and snoozing. He didn’t look like he’d make it any further when I left for work.

Last night I made the cold medicine run and got a few nights worth of dinners in case neither of us feels up to cooking. Tonight I’ll make a Chinese food run on the way home. We usually have leftovers so we’ll be good for two nights or a dinner and a lunch. I feel like I’m preparing for a huge blizzard but the past few years we’ve been hit hard by illness in December and January. It’s always good to be over prepared.

Lion is still being a good boy despite not feeling well. He waits for me to eat first. He tries not to spill food. He tries not to interrupt. Those things are hard enough when he on his game. Being sick exacerbates things. If he’s whiny now it can be explained by his stuffy head and cough, but he hasn’t been whiny.

I’m glad I gave him his orgasm the other night. I guess I made it just before he started to feel worse. Now at least all he has to worry about is feeling better. Mr. Weenie is blissfully unaware of what’s going on around him. The only problem I can see is that I’ll probably get sick after Lion and he’ll be horny when I don’t want to do anything about it. That’s okay. Lion will take care of me when I need it just like I take care of him when he needs it.


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    i hope you are both better soon. There are a lot of nasty bugs out there this year

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    Get well soon . Love from England

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