Ohhh…. So Close

Lion made it to Saturday night before he spilled food on his shirt. It wasn’t intentional. Once he started he didn’t stop. Actually it was only two spills. I guess he got it out of his system because he was fine on Sunday. Of course Sunday was after the punishment.

When we made it back to the hotel after walking and walking and walking all day again, I waited a little bit before I grabbed the hairbrush. Lion groaned. He said he really didn’t want to be swatted. I told him he shouldn’t have spilled if he didn’t want to be spanked. I know he can’t really help it. I spilled food on my shirt the other night and we both spilled food on the bed while we ate the dessert we brought home with us. But I have to punish him when he breaks the rules. That’s just the way it is. And Lion wants me to do it.

We’ve been too exhausted to do anything else sexual. We may do something tonight (Sunday). At the moment we’re both writing our posts for tomorrow. We are homeward bound in the afternoon. Lion is looking forward to going home. I could stay here for another week. I’m tired and my feet hurt but I haven’t seen everything there is to see. I’m already looking forward to the next time I can meet up with Lion on another business trip.