Mrs. Lion’s plane was on time last night and we were back together. Ir was a beautiful, cool evening. We had an amazing dinner and lots of laughter. It’s wonderful to be together here. Mrs. Lion packed a hairbrush; not the paddle I showed yesterday, but a real brush that is a little lighter weight, but certainly good for its intended purpose.

As she wrote, I got a great oral orgasm last night. My second of the year, both oral. Way to go! She edged me a few times before moving in for the kill. Big cats play with their food too.

While I’m in the office and attending meetings, Mrs. Lion is prowling around the area. She’s found some great snacks that I discovered on my last stay. I have no idea how she decides where to go, so I’m always surprised when she texts me from completely unexpected places.

I’m writing this post on Wednesday. We will be out late and I won’t want to write late tonight or before my post releases in the morning. This informal business/vacation trip is going to be big fun for us both.

Ever since Mrs. Lion decided to take discipline more seriously, things are different. Mrs. Lion, who used to stuff feelings and fade into the background if i got too assertive, has now taken advantage of her role and makes sure she is heard. There are still times I interrupt her. But I expect I will learn more control on this trip.

Our little vacation is a perfect laboratory for this. I am in my very familiar territory. I am very tempted to just take charge. I want to show off how much I know. I’m also very happy here, so my guard is down as well. Mrs. Lion knows that I’m an expert here, so in the past she accepts my take-charge behavior, though I could hear a low growl now and then.

This time it will be more than a low growl. I will get  that look or a “Wait till we get home”. She left the brush out on the desk next to my side of the bed. I know exactly what will happen when we get home. I will work hard to avoid that brush leaving the desk.


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    I envy the two of you. I wish my marriage had turned out like yours. Thank s to both you and Mrs. Lion for your public diary. I hope both of you continue your FLR with discipline and controlled chastity through out your marriage.

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