Hands Off!

In reaction to Mrs. Lion’s post In or Out, Julie had this comment about me masturbating:

“I say keep him free and have some fun with his masturbation. Make him do it in front of you while you watch and giggle. Making him swallow afterwards is a fun little “consequence”. Or allow him the freedom to masturbate as he pleases, but he must tell you afterwards and suffer a beaten butt as a consequence. Or if you catch him at it red-handed, double consequences! I enjoy my husband’s incessant need to tug on his penis like a little monkey, and have fun with it.”

This is interesting and very different to how Mrs. Lion considers my jerking off. When we first began male chastity, I told her that I masturbated. She was genuinely surprised. I reacted with some surprise of my own. For about five years, there was almost no sex. Generally, I got a hand job once a month. She must have imagined that I was OK with that. I wasn’t.

I had been masturbating about twice a week that entire time. Anyway, Mrs. Lion apparently had no idea I did that. When I told her, she had me jerk off while she watched. It was more educational for her than humiliating for me. When I finished, I was locked into my chastity device.

Subsequently, she wrote how she considered me masturbating as a mild form of sexual betrayal. She made it very clear that she would consider masturbation a serious breach of marital trust. I haven’t masturbated since that night in December 2013.

Julie’s suggestion is an interesting humiliation scenario. I can’t imagine me doing it. I’ve lost masturbation as a sexual choice for me. I can’t explain exactly why or how, but I just don’t even think about jerking off. Left to my own devices, it would take a lot before I would even try.

Would I feel humiliated if Mrs. Lion made me do it in front of her? I don’t think so. I would be so intent on trying to execute this now-extinct maneuver, that I doubt I would even realize she was watching.

In order for Julie’s suggestion to be effective, I would somehow have to relearn to enjoy jerking off. That may sound odd, but it’s true. I’ve been conditioned to remove masturbation from my sexual repertoire. Seriously, I have. I don’t think Mrs. Lion wants to retrain me to like it again.


  1. Author

    Interesting that Mrs. Lion and my MrsL both had the same reaction to the admission of masturbating. MrsL, too, considers me masturbating a marital infidelity.

    I once asked her to make that a penalty for a misdeed as I have never done so in front of her because I know it would be very humiliating for me. She bristled at the suggestion stating ” why would I reward you with letting you do that in front of me.” Needless to say, even when I am not in the Steelheart I don’t even think of masturbating.

  2. Author

    My Queen knew I masturbated—though not the extent. It has become clear though that she is now deeply offended if I wish to do it. While it hasn’t been as long as you Lion, I haven’t masturbated (on my own) since the fall of 2015. She will sometimes have me masturbate in front of her—though never to completion! That’s one of the ways she teases me!

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    I like that my comments don’t get mere replies, but that they get entire blog posts. Xo

    Do you ever worry that the reason you are sometimes slow to cum, or not readily aroused, is because of your lack of masturbation? Perhaps out of touch and out of practice with what physical sensations and mental images truly turn you on?

    If doing it in front of the Mrs. is not enough to embarrass you, perhaps she should invite a friend? 😉

    1. Author

      You deserve a post! I don’t think that masturbating would make me come any faster. Masturbation, if anything, resets the clock without the fun of interactive sex. I don’t think we have any friends who would want a lion show 🙂

      I never really liked jerking off. I did it because I was horny. Nearly-daily edging is a big incentive all by itself. I never was very quick on the draw. Some might consider that a good thing.

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    My keyholder also is one who considers masturbation an act of marital infidelity. I have not masturbated since May 16 when I was placed in a cage…. She does have me play with myself for her at times. Never to completion though. And when she does its back in the cafe quickly.

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