No More Masturbation

We went out to dinner last night and had some very juicy hamburgers. I had more ooze on my fingers than on the hamburger after a while. Yum!

Later on we snuggled and I attempted to get Lion aroused. Nothing doing. He wasn’t horny. I was wondering if it was because he thought I was upset that he asked to be wild. Or maybe it was because he had an orgasm on Monday and the natural course of things just means he’s not horny yet.

I’m not mad about him being wild. I was just turning it over in my mind yesterday. It was probably the fact that I was trying to get to sleep and had to get out of bed to unlock him that bothered me. For now I’ll leave him wild. It really is easier for me. I don’t need to look for the key when I want to play with him. He’s long past the point of masturbating and he was never going to cheat on me.

Speaking of masturbating, Julie’s suggestion of making him masturbate in front of me to humiliate him won’t work. First of all, in his post this morning, Lion said masturbation has lost its appeal to him and he’s not sure if he’d even feel humiliated in front of me anyway. Second, I don’t want him masturbating. He left that world behind him when I locked him up. I asked him to show me how he masturbated so I could see how he did it. And that was it. Done. Finito. From that point forward he’s been self-love free. He’s never asked to be allowed to masturbate again. I hope that’s because I give him all the stimulation he requires now.

I also think I’ve softened my thoughts about his asking me to do away with the cage. In the past I’ve said if he wants to stop wearing the cage we’ll just stop everything. No domestic discipline, no FLR, no nothing. However, I think we’ve evolved to a point where being wild is not grounds for capsizing the whole boat. We do just fine without the cage. Lion is punished when necessary. I make decisions. I edge him. I decide when he gets an orgasm. Cage or no cage.

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