I Confess

I’ve mentioned that I am able to purchase inexpensive boner pills (generic Viagra from my local pharmacy). Yes, my doctor prescribed them. It’s a very benign drug. The effect it has on me is surprising. Contrary to common belief, it doesn’t do a thing about making me horny. In fact, even when Mrs. Lion plays with my penis, it takes just as long to get hard on the drug as it does off of it. Initially, I started to believe it didn’t work. But it does.

Its effect is subtle. My erections are firmer. Mrs. Lion loves that. It’s not that I was only partially erect before. But with the drug, the additional blood flow is noticeable. It feels different to me. I love that. The reason in my case that it is so helpful is that I take blood pressure meds. They keep my blood pressure at a very healthy level.  The side effect of my lower blood pressure is less inflation power for my penis. Without raising my blood pressure, the generic Viagra helps me get harder and stay that way longer.

I don’t know if the drug helped, but my recent ruined orgasm experience was completely different from others in the past. I had taken my boner pills before each sling session. I didn’t tell Mrs. Lion because I wanted to see if she noticed any changes in me. If she did, she didn’t say. Anyway, it’s clear to me that while the pills don’t make me any easier to arouse, they do make getting hard easier.

On Saturday, Mrs. Lion gave me a ruined orgasm. It felt and acted the same way they always have. Though I felt I might be able to get hard again and perhaps have another orgasm. Mrs. Lion didn’t try that. Of course, that was fine with me. On Sunday, I was back in the sling. Surprisingly, it was easy to get me hard again.

After a long anal session with the new, very large (2″ diameter) dildo, Mrs. Lion edged me a few times. Let me stop here. The day after any kind of orgasm, ruined or otherwise, I am not very responsive to efforts to edge me. This time I was hot and bothered and at the edge with the same level of enthusiasm as the day before.

Finally, Mrs. Lion gave me a great oral orgasm. That surprised me. I produced a good amount of semen. That’s another thing that doesn’t usually happen within a few days of ejaculating.

I wonder if the reason Sunday was so successful had nothing to do with the drug. Maybe the strong, anal stimulation got my prostate going. I wasn’t feeling very aroused while she was pegging me. I never do. But maybe the stimulation recharged my fluids. Sure, the pills helped with the erection, but I haven’t heard that they do anything other than improve penis blood flow.

Maybe the anal activity was arousing in a different way that didn’t need an erection. It was uncomfortable. I didn’t like it part of the time. But maybe the deeper, submissive sexual needs were aroused. There’s nothing more sexually submissive for me than pegging. It’s a classic violation of my body. Like bondage, that’s a bit turn on for me, even if I don’t get hard.

So there I was, restrained in the sling, fully exposed and helpless. A large dildo was being forced in and out of my ass. Just thinking about that is getting me aroused now. Could it be that the sexual connection with my anus responds to painful stimulus? It makes sense that it does. The strange part of this is that my normal display of sexual arousal just doesn’t happen during pegging. But, the pegging seems to have a positive effect on subsequent sexual activity.

Or, maybe it is a combination of chemicals and anal play. I don’t know. But I like it.