We didn’t play last night. I was assuming Lion wouldn’t be interested because he’d had a full orgasm the day before. Perhaps it’s not true that he wouldn’t have been interested. I didn’t ask. I’m sure he would have liked to snuggle. He asked for snuggling tonight since we hadn’t last night. Does that mean he’ll be interested in more than just snuggling? I don’t know.

Over the weekend we played in the sling. I instituted Wednesday sling day a few weeks ago. It’s been hit and miss whether Lion has been interested in the sling during the week. I’ll continue to offer on Wednesdays and, I assume, if he wants to use the sling on a different day he’ll ask. Maybe it just makes more sense to use it on the weekends when we have more time.

Technically there’s nothing we do in the sling that we can’t do anywhere else. Certain things may be easier in the sling. Pegging is generally easier. We’re two old, fat people. Anything that helps with positioning is welcome. That doesn’t mean I can’t spank him or tie him up when we’re on the bed.

If Lion is in the mood later maybe I’ll tie his balls up or use some clothespins on him. One of my challenges has been figuring out what to do with him on a somewhat nightly basis that doesn’t leave him feeling like he’s too vanilla. Apparently “just” edging is vanilla. I get stuck in ruts. I need to remember to throw in some spice more often.


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    I don’t think many vanilla couples edge each other or practice orgasm denial. So I think you are safely non-vanilla. lol

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    Sometimes Lion complains that things are too vanilla when I only edge him.

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