The Real Lion

naked rear view
This is how I look from behind. I don’t like it at all. But this is me.

I’ve had some time to wander around the blogosphere. In my travels, I’ve discovered that there are quite a few people, women mostly, who celebrate their bodies. That’s probably no surprise to you. But what delighted me was that these women, whose images I love, don’t celebrate the perfect, skinny, 20-something perfect body. They celebrate real bodies. Here is one site that has an endless array of amazing images. You’ll note the women in these pictures have a wide variety of body types. But all the men are fit and young. Interesting.

I don’t look like the buff guys who post pictures of themselves wearing chastity devices. My images are carefully edited to avoid revealing my mature, out-of-shape body. I didn’t want to destroy any illusions you may have about how I look; at least until now.

Mrs. Lion and I both need to lose weight. Over the years my stomach has gotten bigger and my ass flatter. Then I lost weight and I have excess stomach  and ass skin. I have a terrible body image. I think my body is ugly.

Since starting this blog, I’ve wondered if the way we look in your imagination is more important than our reality. I think it is. I’ll soon know if our readership falls away.

I’m going to start working with a trainer to regain the strength I lost after being inactive for the last eight months. I’ll continue losing weight. That’s the good stuff. The bad is that so far I don’t like how I look even as I get thinner.

Like many men, I don’t look at myself in the mirror. When I shave, I do it by touch. I use an electric razor. I think that pictures of me with clothes on, look pretty good. But naked, I’m fat and ugly.

I’ve noticed that many female sex bloggers seem to have overcome body image issues and happily post pictures of their imperfect selves. Male bloggers who publish more than penis and chastity device pictures, have buff bodies. The rest of us do without illustrations.

Women bloggers who are looking for partners always specify, under 30 and fit as requirements to apply. Since guys stereotypically want fit girls in their twenties, it’s understandable that women looking for submissive men want the male equivalent of those perfect twenty-somethings. I always believed women were more mature in their sexual outlook than men. Nope, not these bloggers.

As I get thinner,, loose skin is revealed. You can see it in the rear view I included with this post. I can’t imagine ever celebrating this body. Mrs. Lion likes it, especially this view. She must need glasses.

Go figure.


  1. Author

    Oh nonsense! I’d spank that sexy ass in a second! You guys get so hung up about your body image. Women care much less than you think what you look like. Speaking for myself, I like my man to be fit so he has energy, is free from disease, and lives long. So a big YES on diet and exercise for you. Physical appearance is less important than sexy mind and personality. For example, I love the subtle tones of your embarrassment as you post this pic, FULLY exposing yourself. If you were mine I would strip you like that in front of other women, comment to them about your saggy ass because I know it embarrasses you, and then spank the FUCK out of it and enjoy doing so!

    1. Author

      You know every one of my buttons! And you push them so well.

      Fortunately, I’m losing weight and starting my exercise program with a trainer. I’ve finally graduated for physical therapy to building all of me up. Needless to say, you are wonderful!

  2. Author

    Come on Lion! Don’t be so defeatist and put yourself down! There’s so much more to you than your physical outside and – from what I read on your blog – that is pretty amazing!! Having said that, if you don’t like your physical appearance – do something about it! Only you can do that and do it for yourself! It’s a simple equation – calories in have to be less than calories out. Try the underarmour MyFitnessPal app for a really good look at what you eat and start some gentle exercise 40 mins a day 4 – 5 times a week. It doesn’t have to be grunting weight lifting, try a walk or a exercycle and you’d be surprised by the results! Keep smiling my-locked-up-friend and most of all…Never give up!!

    1. Author

      There’s a fine line between defeatism and reality. I am losing the weight. I’ve lost a lot and will continue. I had surgery last April on my shoulder and have been forcibly inactive since then. I’m now starting to build myself up again and the weight continues to go off. Thanks for the kind encouragement.

  3. Author

    Love is blind Lion! Seriously though, your losing weight and gaining strength will help you to become healthier too. All the best!

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