Nice End to 2017

We started off the morning with a blueberry walnut pancake and bacon breakfast. Then we watched our football team with the horrible record actually win the last regular season game. That’s huge! And it made us both very happy.

Today we have a few small errands to run and then we’re home for manscaping. It needs to be done. Lion is very furry in places he still gets furry and bald in places he never gets furry. He looks mangy. Luckily it can all be fixed in about an hour if you calculate in numbing time.

Last night I unlocked Lion and he said he didn’t think he was very horny. He had been earlier but he didn’t think he was just then. I said we could snuggle and watch TV. Later on he said he really had been horny. I hadn’t tried because I never want him to think I’m pressuring him into being horny when he isn’t. But how do I know if he changes his mind if he doesn’t tell me? For all our talk of improved communication we still fall into old habits.

My plan for today, assuming the errand run stays short and I can do manscaping, is that Lion will be well on his way to being un-numb by the time I want to play with him. It’s no fun to wrap him in Velcro or go for the record clothespin count if he can’t feel it. It’s also no fun to try to arouse a numb weenie. It just doesn’t work. By getting the manscaping out of the way early enough we can move on to the main event later on.

Of course, tomorrow is New Year’s day. What does that mean? A holiday orgasm for Lion! Before said orgasm I want to give him a holiday pegging in the sling. That will set him up nicely for an oral orgasm. See? I’m already planning on starting out the new year with a winning percentage of oral orgasms. Go me! If I never give him another orgasm all year, oral will win. (Do you seriously think I’m not going to give him another orgasm all year?)

Have a safe and happy New Year’s eve celebration!


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    What football team did you watch?

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