Two Sides Of The Same Coin

There is one thing that is really hot about our power exchange: the inevitability of retribution. This isn’t the same thing as control. When someone or something is controlled, they can’t do other than what their controller wants. Wearing a chastity device is a good example of control. Once locked on, at least theoretically, there is no sex without the key. It doesn’t mater if the guy wants to cheat or disobey. He can’t. He is physically prevented  from any sexual activity.

On the other hand, being given rules, leaves open the possibility of willful disobedience. I can spill food on my shirt. I can interrupt. I can eat first. Nothing prevents me from doing these things. However, if I choose to disobey, punishment is inevitable. Ahh, there it is: inevitability. The sure knowledge that I will hurt and be made unhappy if I disobey is an invisible leash that keeps me at heel.

I haven’t lost my free will. I am given a choice between sure suffering and doing what I am told. It matters what I want to do. Unlike being locked in a chastity device, I can choose my own fate.

The other side of this coin is consistency. Consistent enforcement of Mrs. Lion’s rules is the fuel that powers my obedience. It a little more complicated than that. Consistent recognition of obedience is just as important to me as the sure knowledge my bottom will burn if I am naughty.

Mrs. Lion is the source of the laws I obey. She can reward me or make me yelp in pain. Her consistent response to my behavior provides the strong framework of my obedience. That framework, in turn, satisfies a deep need for structure. I think that sometimes Mrs. Lion thinks of consistency as a kind of homework assignment. She knows I want it and tries to provide it for me.

She may not have considered my side of the coin. Consistency for her is inevitability for me.