Inevitability And Consistency

I am writing this post on Friday morning (It published on Saturday). My bottom still hurts when I sit. Mrs. Lion wants me to tell her when I feel the aftereffects of a spanking. She says she likes it when my butt is sore. I wonder if she really does or says it because it is erotic to me. She replied to my email that she wants to keep my bottom sore. It is a reminder to behave. I don’t know if she is serious about that wish. If she is, I can expect a spanking very soon.

There is an important aspect of domestic discipline that is often overlooked: inevitability. This is very different from consistency. Inevitability means that once a punishment is promised, it will be delivered. Consistency refers to always punishing infractions. Both are important to good discipline. I think that inevitability is critical.

When the time comes for my spanking, there have been times when I wasn’t feeling well, or some other activity caused Mrs. Lion to delay the punishment. Occasionally, she has given me the option of delaying a spanking for a day. She will “charge” me a penalty of two extra minutes of spanking for the delay. I know that if a spanking is earned, it will be delivered.

This isn’t true of “just because” spankings. Mrs. Lion often cancels them. She announced that I would get one every Monday and Thursday. So far, she has canceled almost all of them. If I earn a punishment, then she cancels the next “just because” spanking. I think that’s fair since the “just because” spanking is a sort of placeholder that, by definition, isn’t needed if I am punished for a real offense.

I suppose you could argue that any scheduled spanking should be administered. We do have a way to handle multiple offenses that require punishment. Mrs. Lion adds five minutes to my spanking for each additional offense. If Mrs. Lion decides that any scheduled spanking is inevitable, then I probably will have trouble sitting all the time comfortably.


We learned that consistent enforcement of rules changes my behavior. The most obvious evidence of this is how I eat. Before Mrs. Lion made getting food on my shirt a spankable offense, I managed to do it several times a week. About a month after she consistently spanked me every time I spilled, I became a neat eater. I rarely get food on my shirt. It does happen now and then. When it does, I’m spanked.

We know consistency works. It’s easy to consistently enforce a rule like not spilling food on my shirt. It’s not so easy when it comes to subjective offenses like annoying Mrs. Lion. Some DD people argue that sort of offense requires the same sort of consistent enforcement as the simpler rules. I disagree.

Subjective offenses may fit better in the parental model. Parents rarely apply strict consistency to punishing children. They punish when the annoyance reaches a level that feels serious enough to spank. I think the same is true of disciplinary wives. When Mrs. Lion feels I have crossed a line, then she can punish me. It doesn’t make much sense to say that every time I interrupt her, for example, she punishes me. That makes Mrs. Lion’s job much harder. Isn’t it better for her to punish me when she feels I deserve it?

I don’t think that my education will be slowed or that I will be confused by inconsistent enforcement. I understand that I have to watch my step. If I am careless and piss her off, she will make me pay. It may take some spankings for me to get the message. Eventually, I will.