Blech! It’s Monday. I need another three day week with another four day weekend. Lion and I had fun lounging around for three days after the initial rush of Thanksgiving.

Last night was date night. We went to an early movie and dinner. We don’t often go to the movies. I prefer to watch movies at home. It’s less expensive and we can pause things to get a snack or take a pee break. But sometimes there’s a movie that just needs to be seen right away or in the theater. And then we see the coming attractions and find another movie that will need to be seen right away.

We didn’t play last night. It was just a nice, quiet evening after our date night. I don’t know about Lion but I needed time to get my mind wrapped around the idea that I had to go back to work. We made sure the alarms were set and the coffee pot was ready to do its thing. The laundry was done. Everything was in place to start the work week.

At dinner last night, Lion ate first. He said he knew if he didn’t eat what was already in his chopsticks he’d make a mess. A rational reason, but it won’t keep him from being punished. I already let him off the hook for not reminding me of punishment night. How would it look if I keep letting him off the hook? Eventually he’ll think the rules no longer apply and there will be anarchy in the lions’ den.

Obviously that won’t happen. But I do need to get back into the swing of things. I’m hoping the drug has knocked Lion’s allergies down and his immune system has had a chance to rest for a bit. He hasn’t been quite as itchy so maybe things can get back to our version of normal. That all starts with some butt whomping tonight. And last night that bar of soap in the shower caught my eye….