2.0 And Hot Turkey Sandwiches

We spent a quiet day yesterday. There was little left to do after Thanksgiving dinner. After Mrs. Lion wrote her post, we had soup for lunch and settled in to watch our favorite team lose, yet again. Something needs to happen on the football front. We are both totally disgusted with the idiot who coaches our favorite team, the New York Giants. He is easily the worst coach in the NFL. He needs to be gone.

The oral steroid is working. I’m not itching and my skin is clearing up. Only two more days of medicine left. That should be enough, I am told. Even though yesterday was only two days since my last ejaculation, sex has been on my mind. Maybe it is because Mrs. Lion is home with me and I’m not scratching all the time.

We were both exhausted yesterday. All that prep work and cooking wore me out. Mrs. Lion was cleaning the entire time I cooked. Our uninvited guests loved the dinner. Why not? It was free. They finally took the hint and left about 8pm. Even our poor dog was exhausted. Both women love dogs and were petting her for three solid hours. Ok, it is a form of doggie heaven, but between handouts of turkey and fixin’s and endless petting, she needed some rest. When they left, she retired under our bed for much needed zzz’s.

Last night we had hot turkey sandwiches with mashed potatoes, gravy, and my homemade cranberry sauce. The smoked turkey is a big hit.  It wasn’t any harder to prepare than roasting the bird. The flavor was great. I always inject chicken broth into the meat before smoking. That assures the delicate, white meat of the breast stays moist.

I think it’s time we get back into our power exchange routine. Mrs. Lion has been taking it easy on me due to first, my shoulder surgery, and more recently, the allergy flare-up. I know I’ve been interrupting now and then without consequences. And, my punishment stool is gathering dust in the spare bedroom. I’m either much better behaved or I’m getting a break. You can guess which is the case.

A year or so ago, Mrs. Lion and I wrote about Lioness 2.0. She was supposed to be strict and comfortable dishing out pain and humiliation. I think she snuck up on both of us. She’s here. If I am due a spanking, regardless of my interest in getting it, the paddle comes out and I am on my stomach being beaten. Mrs. Lion observes infractions, even small ones, and lets me know what I’ve done. 2.0 lives here. 2.5 may be in the wings.