Forgotten Punishment Night

Lion realized last night that he’d forgotten to remind me Thursday was punishment night. I’d forgotten too. We’d been so busy cooking and cleaning it had completely slipped our minds. I said I wondered if maybe cooking such a wonderful dinner could get him out of punishment. He said he hoped it would. It did.

I know Lion wants to return to domestic discipline. I’m not sure I thought we ever left it. It’s true he’s been annoying me at times lately but I assumed it was because work has been annoying me more than ever. Other than interrupting me, I thought I’d been fairly consistent with other things. I make sure I give him permission to eat when I know I’ll be a while. He’s even waited when I’ve told him he could eat because he didn’t hear me. He hasn’t been spilling things on himself. He follows direct orders when given. When I make a decision he abides by it. He’s been a good boy.

I’ve also been mindful of his limitations lately. Of course there’s his surgery. I know he’ll be somewhat sore after PT so I ask before we do anything strenuous. And he’s been having a horrible time with allergies. It’s difficult to be in the mood when you’re trying to scratch several layers of skin off. Since Lion went to the doctor Wednesday and got the evil Prednisone his skin has been looking much better. He’s definitely less itchy. That doesn’t mean the itching won’t come back once the drug wears off but it gave him a break for a bit. He hasn’t been to PT in a few days so I’d say we’re in a sweet spot right now. No sore shoulder and not much itching.

Last night I tried to get Lion in the mood. I may have waited too long. He said he was horny earlier in the day but by evening he didn’t seem in the mood. Tonight I’ll try harder. I have to strike while we’re in the sweet spot.

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